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    Hey hey city!

    Right then, to business, basically a friend has procured some speed for us to try tonight, it's the first time any of us will have done it (4 of us) and I was just wondering if the city had any tips or experiences they'd care to share!

    I'm not looking for a rundown of the facts on Erowid, just wondering what other peoples encounters with the stuff have been like, anything to do with it really.

    So yeah, let me know! :D

    Edit - Hm, apparently Erowid doesn't have anything on the amount to take, so any advice on that would be much appreciated as well :)
  2. Erowid has experience vaults as well where there are tons of stories people share about taking all sorts of drugs
  3. not the other drug box
  4. Sorry, I don't take your meaning?

  5. Agreed. If you read the experiences, people share:

    Body weight.
    Amount taken/ how it was taken.
  6. by speed do u mean meth or amph pills??
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    yeah man you didnt really give any description of what you have...youll probably feel racing heart beat, increased confidence, more reckless carefree behavior. the crash is gonna suck, the mix of not sleeping with not eating, and feeling so good flips on you and you feel like total shit..keep a benzo handy to put you to bed and end the misery.

    a couple days before new years i popped 3 30mg XR caps.. i usually just open them and eat the beads but this time i didnt. i stayed up for 40 hours through new years eve into new years day. even alcohol and neurontins didnt put me out(i couldnt get benzos at the time)..for the first 6-8 hours i felt on top of the world, running around like a wild man just chillin with different people, driving around smoking bud...waste of weed as i never got high..however the good feelings wore off and i still couldnt sleep at all the first night. then the second night my body and mind was completely thrown off from 0 hours of sleep that i really couldnt fall asleep again until really early into the next day. ive taken a decent amount of adderall, just not within the last 6 months or so because i realized i dont really find it overly enjoyable and the comedown is just too shitty for me.
  8. do not do speed


    just don't
  9. Sorry, I realise I didn't give any description, being from the UK I've not come across drugs such as adderal, I don't if this is just because they aren't used here for whatever reason, or I just haven't come across them.

    The stuff we got is sort of putty like, but still breaks away easily, I mean putty like as in soft and maleable, not like silly putty or something. It's white in colour, we were told it was in "base" form, the only basis I have for this however, is that I trust the person who supplied us with it. Apparantly this can be dried out and snorted / smoked, or just wrapped in something and swallowed.

    I did look through the experience reports, however once agani these mostly seem concerned with adderal etc, perhaps I'm just not realising it when I read it, but I found it practically impossible to get information relating to what we have, this is why I asked here, so sorry if I put anyone out with wanting a little knowledge before ingesting something.

    Bleezie, I appreciate the concern but I could say the same to you about coke, I trust myself and my friends to keep each other in check, but once again, thanks for the input.

    Skittlette helped me out last night with some info though (cheers!) so I've got a bit more understanding now, but still feel free to chip in anything else you might think is useful :)
  10. always happy to be of service where i can;)
  11. sounds like crack that hasnt been dried properly if its maleable but breaks off into chunks
  12. man.i tried tweak, , i never felt insanely UP like people describe, (took probably 10 hits). Shit was pretty euphoric though.

    Started smokin at 230pm, last hit roughly 430pm. Didnt sleep until 7am, aint eaten SHIT really in a few days, ( did adderall the day before tweak). i got the same opinion for it as i do for addies..

    those things just last so god damn long. i kept hittin it trying to get HIGHER, but all i did was make me kinda high all day, night, morning.:mad:

    fuck drugs.

    i just want a bowl

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