Zooey Deschanel Vs Rashida Jones

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  1. Might just be me, but I find these 2 women to be enormously fuckin' sexy. It's hard to decide which is sexier....Rashida is 4 years older than Zooey but damn, somethin about her. I think I vote for her. You?

    Rashida Jones

    Zooey Deschanel:


    Really hard....
  2. Zooey. Lol. Quirky. Would be a lot easier to get along with I imagine.
  3. She certainly does seem quirky. Rashida just seems a lot more chill and down to earth lol.
  4. These are some horrible pictures of them man but I know them from movies and shit so yeah they're both hot but I wouldn't fuck with either of em. 
  5. I just KNEW someone would say this, and look it only took 3 posts.....lol. People always gotta bitch about somethin'. The pictures are fine compared to what else was in the results.
  6. that's like trying to choose between air and water
  7. Personally, I'd say neither, but since I have to choose...definitely Zooey. You can never top a pair of deep, calming, blue eyes. 
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    No, I have to agree with the user. We are here comparing, basically, looks. So the pictures should be top-notch.
    The photos for both the females are just not favorable for judgement, as far as tits are concerned. Rashida's has her tits dividing apart like the separation of Pangea. Then with Zoey in the initial pic, you're wondering "are they there?" Then you see the second photo, and you're thinking "is that how they are?" 
    Let's do this again.
    etc vs heresy
  9. I'll admit, that picture of Rashida is definitely better. Fucking gorgeous. That pic of Zooey is eh to me. It's okay. A threesome with them would be whoaaaa
  10. Both are hideous
  11. Honestly I don't find either of them to be "sexy". They are both attractive women but "sexy" is not what I think when I look at them.
    This.  I just can't find celebs hot in any way. 
    Well, maybe except Olivia Munn. But The Fappening ruined her for me  :laughing:
  13. Two beautiful women for sure, if they swung my way and I had to choose either or, I don't know if I could....

    Little trivia for ya, both of their mothers were in Twin Peaks.
  14. zoey . final answer
  15. Rashida Jones for suuuure
  16. Niether.

    And they both have terrible fucking names.

  17. Zooey.. but as of now, Zooey has been replaced by Aubrey Plaza for my awkwardly cute celeb crush.
  18. Meh, neither.  Im more attracted to real women.
  19. Definitely Rashida.

    Zooey has tricked us this whole time with her make up tricks.
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