Zoning out? Or lost in thought?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mairuzu, May 21, 2010.

  1. I tend to mix things up a lot. Replace this. Lose things. All thanks to weed. :p

    But, its not that its making my brain "Slow" or anything. it's not that i'm "losing" my memory or zoning out. Its just, my mind is so busy in random thoughts. Thought after thought after thought.

    Like just now. I was thinking about something my cousin told me, then i was thinking about how he got skinnier this past week without knowing. He was in jail a few days or some shit. Then i was thinking, damn, that bastard is probably gonna go to jail again and lost more weight. hah.

    This was all occuring within 10 seconds of what i was doing. I was handing my uncle some paperwork in my left hand, and i was gonna hand my aunt (in the next room) paperwork which was in my Other hand. Now, i mixed the two up without even knowing. Depiste me looking straight at the paper. But damn! I was too lost in thought.

    Now. The reason im saying this. Is because my mom, or dad, or someone will catch me doing this once in a while and blame it, of course, on the herb.

    FUCK THAT. I'm not losing brain power, im gaining. Right? What do you think?

    Fuck you. Read it.
  2. haha

    I think your right, im trying to learn to mental-multitask :smoking:, too much cool shit to think about
  3. I have the same shit, I'll come up with a great idea, but my mind just takes me other places and I sometimes lose it. I'm always thinking about shit, and as I've gotten older I have been able to control my thoughts more, but I know the feeling man.
  4. I don't think you're gaining brain power, just using it in a different way. Yea I get lost in thought and forget what people say because I never really heard it and internalized it.
  5. Too me I get lost in though, because Cannabis just makes me realize/notice things I usually wouldn't and that just sends my thoughts racing which can easily distract me. But then again I've smoked with people (usually people I don't know and someone else brought 'em) who look like a Zombie stoned and are constantly zoning out. Who knows, maybe it's one of those gimmicks to seem higher than you are:cool: I know a bunch of kids like that, I'm not a fan...but yeah I'd say weed is definitely not rotting your brain lol
  6. Agree, since I've been getting older I have found myself being more aware of my thoughts, then again I'm also smoking more weed now. Could be both who knows? I think most of it is all about brain power and having the ability to do real things while thinking of others, multi-tasking and thinking while high is a hard skill.
  7. Zoning out = babysitting the blunt/bong

    Sometimes I get lost in thought, but normally I can remember to take my hit and pass. Wish some of my buds were the same. :rolleyes:
  8. i absolutely couldnt have said it better myself
  9. i dnt think your gainin or losing brain power

    but i know what you mean. My friend tends to always blame the herb when i dont understand what shes saying but she just is too fuckin confusin

    i get lost in thought a lot and sometimes i dnt pay attention to things i really dont care bout

    i just hate when people blame weed on someone zonin out or being lost in thought:(
  10. Parents just don't understand. :smoke:
  11. Or maybe your brain always operates at that level of activity but when you're high, you're not able to organize and focus those thoughts as effectively so it seems like your mind is racing and overloaded with random thoughts.

    It's like people you work with. You've seen the person who works diligently and purposefully all day, setting their pace, and getting a lot done. Then there's the guy who runs here, runs there, does this, does that, seems like like he's working his ass off and doesn't accomplish a damn thing by the end of the day.
  12. Oh yeah, I'm a parent so you might be right :D
  13. Being so lost in thought that as soon as you snap back into reality you completely forget the mindfuck going on in your head.

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