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  1. I decided to go to my local smoke shop today, and here is what i came home with. It's a Zong! steamroller. They guy working was telling me that they just got this shipment in yesterday, they had probably 50 Zong! pieces, and like 30 BlueDot bongs(same maker). They had some sick shit. He threw in this Varta protection bag in for free (i told him i dont buy glass anywhere else). This is what i came away with Enjoi!......i tried to do a MILK shot but it was pathetic, ill post one when i can actually clear it. :smoking::smoking:

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  2. pretty fucking cool, how much did it run you?

  3. Sick signature man. :smoking:
  4. Thanks man it ripsss! haha. It was $70, seemed fair espically since he threw in the soft case too
  5. yeah it def. is. I cant wait to fill it with ice and MILKKK!
  6. Zongs FTW!!! Haha, j/k, but on the real tip, I love my Zong even though I have only used it once since I got my US Tubes. I doubt I could find a Vatra bag to hold mine since it's bubble bottom. Nice pick up for sure.

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