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  1. Ok so I got this broken joint Peach and Gold label Zong for 30 bones n I was looking at other pictures of Zongs and I can't find a single one with a 2 kinked stemless piece, all the pics I find are where they're straight.

    Mine has a total of 6 kinks.

    Is it just a newer version?
    More expensive than normal?
    Is 4 holes in the inline the usual?

    Here's some pictures!

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    this is actually not to shabby of a piece. i personally have never seen a stemless zong. how many kinks doesn't matter, it isn't a defect in the piece or anything it just allows for more condensation of the smoke before it passes through the water.

    the inline is to hard to see. i can't even tell if it's an inline, but the more holes the better, for more bubbles, but there isn't a usual or norm for pieces. each and every piece is different.
  3. Thanks for the info! N Yea it's Definitly an inline n a beast to clear!

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