Zong or Bong?

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  1. Its wednesday right now and on friday im goin to a headshop to buy a bong or a zong.. but cant decide? my price range is up to $100 CDN. What do you prefer, a bong or a zong?
  2. it all preference thats like say which is better asian black hispanic or white women:cool:
  3. aha, true xD
    but zongs seem to be smaller and more expensive, is it just because the smoke has a cool course to flow?
  4. Eh, it all depends on how they look in person. I'd make sure you get a GonG, whether you pick the Zong or regular tube. You can rip a Zong as hard as you want and you won't get splash back, and if they tip on their side they don't spill. It's really a preference issue, but I would probably get the Zong at that price point.
  5. if it is the brand name zong, go for it.

    if its some shitty chinese knockoff, don't bother.

    also, if your budget permits, get a 14mm diffuser and bowl to replace the slide if the zong isn't glass-on-glass.

    if they don't have real zongs in your price range, then just get a glass-on-glass bong.
  6. do what the guy above me says, but honestly I dont like diffusers in zongs. They are alot to clear and the diffy makes them too draggy for me.
  7. what planet were you born on?

    glass-on-glass is way less draggy than a 12mm slide.
  8. If you get a real Zong it will be GonG, but not diffused. I was just saying I wouldnt swap it for a diffuser.
  9. the real zong i posted above isnt GonG. And a diffuser does anything but drag. I like those nice, 'fuzzy' hits as compared to the 'chuggy' hits that a normal downstem gives.

    but i suppose that kind of thing is just personal preference.
  10. Just get something that is gong. Imo, it's not worth getting anything with a rubber grommet and from my experience, the bowls on those cheap china zongs get pretty damn hot after a couple tokes.

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