Zone Six Presents: The Science of Slow (a Chopped & Screwed mixtape, FREE download)

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    It's a project I started one night after my friend, who moved here from Houston, gave me a ride home and started bumping Outkast's "So Fresh So Clean" chopped & screwed in his Lexus. I had already heard plenty of chopped & screwed music before that and I liked it but never went too crazy about it.. but something about those blunts that night brought this style of remix to a whole different light for me.

    So a few weeks later here I am, with a mixtape of dope songs that you wouldn't normally expect to be remixed and slowed down Houston-style, free for y'all to have and spread. Give it a try, enjoy


    1. Kanye West - "Last Call"
    2. The Game - "Put You On The Game"
    3. Snoop Dogg - "Let's Get Blown"
    4. Reflection Eternal - "Big Del From The Natti"
    5. Jay-Z - "Dirt Off Your Shoulder"
    6. Reflection Eternal - "The Blast"
    7. Busta Rhymes - "I Got Bass"
    8. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - "If You Must"
    9. Mos Def - "Modern Marvel"
    10. Usher feat. Ludacris - "U Don't Have To Call (Remix)"

  2. i'll download it when i get back from work and give it a listen. i don't listen to a ton of chopped n screwed, but i'll burn one to it and see how it goes.

    you over in the 6, you listen to alot of the local hip hop? i listen to alot of gucci, oj da juice and montana da mac, buncha southside and zone 1 guys
  3. ^You get a chance to listen through?
  4. you can't "experience" chopped and screwed without a cup of lean in your hand bro.
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    Be back later.

    EDIT: Awesome job man, shit is crack.
  6. Why don't you listen to the tape first, then get back to me on that.. bro
  7. theres some truth into what both of yall sayin. i fuck with it tho. when i seen zone 6 tho i instantly thought of Gucci Mane (favorite rapper). i know thats gonna be met with a bunch of "gucci suck" but Gucci is REAL hood. Everything he rap about he either done or is doin so i gotta fuck with him. real street n***as fuck with him too. he aint the best lyricist, but thats not his objective. what he do is make trap music. btw he put out 4 official mixtapes just this month. say what you will he on top of the game right now imo
  8. Haha, you typed one sentence relating to this thread, and then another whole paragraph about why Gucci Mane is a real hood *****. Wordddd...
  9. LMAO! i had to make it known i guess. and if they aint know before now they sure as hell do now. yo what part of Va you be at?
  10. Some of my best friends have Gucci in constant rotation, I don't listen to a lot of southern rap outside of Outkast, Ludacris and Goodie Mob though but I don't hate the guy. A lot of his shit just doesn't impress me to be honest but I respect him for just rapping about what he knows and what he does and having fun with it.

  11. im pretty much like your friends but for me when im listenin to rap its like Gucci, Juelz Santana, Weezy, OJ Da Jucieman, and Cass. everything else is pretty much secondary. but damn yo u in ATL and dont listen to much southern music? i bet your friends think you and outcast (no pun intended)
  12. Nah most of my friends are on the same s**t I'm on.. I just have a small handful of friends who listen to stuff like Gucci, but we respect each other's tastes
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    thats whats good. i understand ppl have different taste in music, but i could never understand why ppl shit on other artist and hate on artist, such as weezy. it makes no sense to me. btw if it seems like im only for downsouth type shit it aint the case, just i fuck with Gucci the hardest, just cuz he one of the few that rap what he live. but other than him i bump Juelz Santana and Weezy (southern i know, but got a northern swag) the hardest, followed by Cass and other that are either lyricist or just punchline heavy.
  14. that was sick +rep
  15. ^Thank you sir!

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