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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by froggy, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. ok folks

    i just dunked my seeds 2 days ago and flatted up my germ'ed seeds for the outdoor season.

    i put out my plants around may 25. that gives me enough growth to get 1 prune on them, they then go outside into the sun.

    i grow in the same spot every year, so i dont have to worry bout weeds, every year, i spray the area with round-up about a week before planting. no muss no fuss.

    5 plants per site x 3-4 sites. gotta love the sun.
  2. hi frogy .
    are you going to do an out side grow journal for all the newbe growers. i think it would be good for them and us growers.
    cheers laters jay.
  3. well...i try not to go out there too much.

    and damned if im gonna take a picture of my area.

  4. see what you mean,lol,how about just a quick explanation then on how you prepared your sight then.
  5. its a site that gets everything but morning light.

    its in what is called a 'hedge row' up in my part of the world, we have lots of farm fields and inbetween them...are the row's of non mowed grass and shrub.

    all i do is spray a broad leaf herbicide (round-up) once on the site every year for weed control. i also fert only once, just at flowering turn. at that time i can tell forsure which are males and females.

    i dont like to go out there too much so i dont. 5 times tops.

    1st to spray
    2nd to plant
    3rd to fert and sex and bend over plant
    4th to fert and forsure sex and bend over plant
    5th to harvest.

    i let the earth do most of the work. plus i feel so valnerable out there...
  6. wow only 5 times you visit!
    you must be ok for water and youre soil must be good to.
    sh*t i visit my spots loads and i have to do more prep ive only just pulled mine and ill be preparing my spots again soon.

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