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  1. wait for it....just a few more minutes....
  2. 3 more min!
  3. almost...
  4. Happy 4:20 bishes :smoking:
  5. just picked up an eigth of trainwreck. happy 420 indeed. :smoking:

    and im sippin on some Jamba Juice. ballllllllin'. :cool:

    its fuckin hot today in the Bay Area. it's gonna reach about 102 in the inland starting tomorrow, and fall starts on Monday. yeahh, wtf right???
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    I have White Rhino, Sour Diesel, Trainwreck, and Blue Dream :D Plus the GrandDaddy Purp and Blue Rhino growin in my closet, but those won't be ready to smoke for a few weeks. I'm starting to collect different strains cuz I pretty much go to the club and get a couple 1/8ths of different strains, and since I work so much I only smoke 1-2 bowls a day so it lasts awhile.
  7. Its 12:30Am here, 4:20 gone longgg agooo, Enjoy it blades.
  8. Oh yeah well I've got some mids!
  9. i got a fat blunt of dank purps.
    not gonna smoke it though.

    needa find some chief for tonight.
  10. Was 12:20 here so FUCK YOU!

    (not really , much love :love: )

  11. Dude we should match sometime, I got some Mexican Brown Gold with speckles of tin foil in it, smokes like a dreeeaaam
  12. Got dat chronic son. Soon gonna get that dominos too :smoking:
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    Know what else it is....

    Talk like a pirate day!


  14. It's 4:20 somewhere :smoke:


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