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  1. So i was sitting with my friend at his house and we were pretty baked, after like 6-7 RooR bong hits and all. So he then slowly starts to move towards me, with like eyes of an animal, which gets me ridiculously scared. He then suddenly attacks me and tries to bite me. I put my hand under his chin so he cant lower his jaw, and i tell him that this is the best anti-biting hold ever. And then he starts biting me and trying to eat me like a zombie. This lasted for like good 15 minutes, and it was a total buzzkill for me, because i was actually really scared. He was super intense and left two three deep bitemarks, which resulted in me bleeding all over his couch. It was hilarious to see him realize what he was doing and feel all guilty. Well i hope you enjoyed the story, have a nice day
  2. I can't be around people like that. When I say fuck off, I expect people to back the fuck off.
  3. ha ha my brothers friend tried to do this to me once. i hit him with a stick :p
  4. damn minions they are so hard to control these days
  5. well you better brush up with the good old zombie survival guide so you don't get eaten when the zombie apocalypse comes around...

  6. That Book is AWESOME, i reread it like 3 times
  7. Haha thats fucked up and hilarious.
  8. i would do like the guy did in zombieland... and beat him with a toilet thing!

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