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  1. I don't know about you guys but I would actually enjoy a zombie outbreak..no more responsibilities I could take every and anything I want and shoot people..it would be awesome

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  2. And then you die a horrible, painful, slow, gory death being disemboweled and eatin in the middle of a horde of your zombified friends and family.
  3. Good point. Or I could just keep my family safe and go on an adventure to save my friends


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  4. While the idea of having to fight for your survival does appeal to me, taking anything and everything you wanted does not. If you are saying you would rob innocent people, then you are exactly the type of person I would target and kill during a zombie apocalypse.
  5. Na not rob well maybe but like Walmart and shit not people trying to survive

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    I don't see how that cancels out what I said, lol.
    But forreal, a lot of people feel this way. If they were slow zombies that'd be cool lol. Fuck runners.
  7. Me and @[member="Weedity"] are Zombie Apocalypse buddies.
    I'd like the Zombie Apocalypse to happen just because I'd like having to survive and things like that. But to just want it to happen to kill people is kinda messed up. I feel like with that mindset you'd be one of the first ones to die.
  8. Well instead of thinking I would eventually have to kill my loved ones is a negative thought, which could entirely be true for the sake of argument but at least the effort to prevent that would actually be a survival skill that would be a change from everyday life therefor liberating and exciting.

    Is this explanation doesn't make sense then I'm sorry but i still think a zombie apocalypse would be a fun change

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  9. Well it's kill or get killed sooo watch your back if it ever happens cuz if your a zombie I'll kill you

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  10. The American people would be the least likely to survive in this type of situation...If you look at the history of natural disasters, other countries ban together and help each other while americans loot and kill each other at an astronomically higher rate...Our country would kill ourselves before we could be saved and then we'd be left with a civilization full of only the dirtiest scumbags...kinda like the movie doomsday.
  11. Maybe for one day. But then I would discover that Jennifer Anniston is a zombie and i would have to let her eat me.
  12. Well I would expect you to kill zombies but you said "shoot people" which makes me think humans.
  13. fuck no i dont. like Hershel said, "Jesus said the dead would rise.. but I didn't think he had this in mind."
    I don't want that. Yeah, everyone says surviving would be cool... you can do that now... become a mountain person or something.
    people don't think of the ugly stuff you will have to do and see. the first zombie brain you have to destroy will def make you vomit and freak the fuck out.
  14. I don't want zombies to happen.

    And nobody should want it to happen cause I'll be a horrible person.

    I'll rob people, murder people, set up a violent gang of rebels to go around raiding other camps n shit.

    I'd be the rising and rebirth of America as fascist violent oligarchy.

    Zombies will be the hard part. Controlling the groups of frightened sheep will be easy.

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  15. When zombies arrive it's every man and every woman for themselfs except for immediate family altrough chances are some, or all of it might be missing. If I see someone I am going to kill him. Attack first or die trying. The whole "group as many people as possible and survive" connect is just a death wish.

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  17. You'll be the first to get bitten.
  18. I'm sure I'll get used to it

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  19. Spoken like a true American

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