Zombies eating brains logical fallacy

Discussion in 'General' started by Matticus, May 25, 2010.

  1. If zombies are such big brain eaters, how do zombie numbers multiply so rapidly with all of those missing brains? Even zombies need a brain to function.
  2. Because Zombies aren't real. Because the concept of some of the non real zombies were not thought out.
  3. I'm just saying, out of all the zombie movies and comic books and whatnot, none of them have figured this out?
  4. Because not all zombies eat brains, that was coined by Romero.
  5. Zombies werent made to survive
  6. Depending on your version of zombie. Since there are no real zombies its hard to say. The most logical zombie are the ones created by a virus but not quite dead. We have not yet (or at least not declassified) found a way to create the undead. So with this definition of a zombie being a person infected with a virus that puts them in a state of uncontrollable rage, they only want to kill, not eat.
  7. That's like asking why Wiley coyote doesn't die every time he falls of a cliff or gets blown up. Because he's a cartoon and not real. Zombies aren't real they're made up. The aren't based on facts they're just creatures meant to be scary like monsters.

  8. How does anyone not understand this?
  9. Because zombies don't eat each other:rolleyes:
  10. zombies do not need a brain to live... they are the undead
  11. This may be a long shot and I know it is EXTREMELY unlikely for this site but maybe, just maybe the OP was high.
  12. If zombies smoke weed, do they chill out and start playing Xbox?

  13. they are zombies... (undead) not alive humans
  14. Some of us have imaginations. It doesnt matter if its real or not
  15. you can't superimpose logic upon a concept created for entertainment purposes only
  16. Of course.

  17. That looks like a PS3 controller... but it cant be... :eek:
  18. If a zombie eats a persons brain the person turns into a zombie right?

    Yet to kill a zombie you have to destroy the brain... How can you destroy a brain that has already been destroyed :confused:

  19. Because not all zombies eat brains!!

    Romero's zombies are the ones that eat brains and they cannot be destroyed by severing the brain stem.

    Watch Return of the Living Dead, they eat brains to ease the pain of being dead. That's what the zombie itself said.

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