Zombie survival plan

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  1. If it were a real zombie attack and you had to go somewhere self who would you take with and what would take with you?what would your tranportation be,be realstic.Me a gun a knife,my brother and 2 of my friends and a ounce of mid.
  2. I'd get naked and walk outside and try to shake hands with the zombies. Then I'd hopefully become a naked zombie chasing people with my wang floppin around distracting people. Everyone running would be too worried about getting zombie-raped, that they'd forget about being eaten. Nothing more scary than a naked hung zombie chasing you.
  3. Yeah cool story and all bro but where are you going to hold up at? Thats the most important part and you're forgetting it.

  4. if there was a zombie attack i know i would be gone to steal some shit. it'll be to chaotic

    dont know what i would steal but i would do it!:D
  5. a couple mossberg pumps, desert eagle, auto-sniper rifle, a shit load of bullets
    my gf
    my danks
    id drive up to canada somewhere and just find a shack in the woods.
    grow danks.
  6. I would find me a zombie girlfriend
  7. Go to the gunstore and clean them out. Then go live in the grocery store and set about putting together a monster truck with chainsaw slots so that i can live the remainder of my years killing zombies for entertainment
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    cause you CANT* get a real one. BURN

    someone get him ice for that major burn!!!!!!!!(kelsoo)

    lol nah jk. i would too:D

    i was gonna clean out a gun store too. but then i thought. who else other then a gun store owner, would be mad ready to spark on a zombie attack. gl trying to rob him ha
  9. sentry gun... if that doesnt work then i would try to blend in with the zombies
  10. I would just act friendly then blow his head off or somethin lol. Lookin out for #1 in the event of zombie apocalypse
  11. I would load up all my valuables, and my 1000 bottle caps I have been saving do to the fact they will soon be currency after the walking plague causes an apocalypse do to mass hysteria. I would definately avoid hospitals, and head for the game shop by the city. Its a large store with hunting supplies. Throw in a QP and toke-o tent in the day, and slaughter walking cadavers at night. :)
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    Get an SKS and go inna woods.


    EDIT: would you people seriously get high? Imagine being stoned when some zombie starts munching into you like you were a fucking lunchable.

    Fuck that!
  13. After watching various movies (Romero flicks, Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, etc) and even reading on the topic (Zombie Survival Guide and WWZ) my husband and I have thoroughly discussed and carefully considered our plan. We have a friend who stays with us sometimes. He works as an instructor at a wilderness survival school. We would try to hook up with him. If anyone could survive a zombie apocalypse it would be him. Plus he's a total stoner ;-)
  14. Today I just bought a shotgun! :hello:

    We have two flights of stairs and a shit ton of bottled water and canned food.

    I got a least a month of shells and food so I'm ready.

    Anyone read the zombie survival guide?
  15. The perfect plan. You will probably come across the occasional lost zombie, getting into your crop. Stoner zombie, he can eat 3x the amount of human flesh than the average zombie. :smoking:
  16. I've slowly invested money into a high yield savings account over the past few years, set aside for my plans for a mountain fortress. If im higher up in a tightly secured mountain base, there's no way any zombies would come close. I have funds set aside for supplies, (MRE's, lots of water, three rifles, M14, AR15 M203 sniper, ammo, and a few pounds of dankisity.)

    Trip wire explosives covering the inner range of the fortress, security lights and claymore in the outer range. Two mounted machine guns on either side of the base, razor wire, flamethrowers and plenty of napalm catapults. If any zombie manages to get close to me, i'll be patrolling for 4-5 hours per day for game/searching for answers, so i will keep my machete and AR15 with me at all times, along with hand grenades and flash grenades.

    By mid 2012, I plan to have at least most of it constructed, and by the end 2012 when the world ends, i'll be ready for it, and i can finish the rest of the security installation myself once the Zombaggedon begins.

    Be ready, my friends. Always

  17. ya sense the Hoover dam is on the border of Nevada and Arizona i am sure it will keep New York going for a long time
  18. If it were a real zombie attack and I had to go somewhere self who would I take with me and what would take with me..?

    I would look for a box of grenades until said box was discovered which would instantly trigger me to build a catapult.

    As far as a place to go... It's a fucking zombie apocalypse. Where the hell are you going to hide from that shit? Nowhere, that's where.

    Enjoy your brain while it lasts.:rolleyes:

  19. do you think you ready, your not. do you think you could you kill your own mom if she was a zombie. where will you post up at? wal-mart? how many other retards will be there. when they DO attack im gona strap the FUCK up and kill masss zombies and blaze the fuck up. i will have like 5 warehouses with crazy ass hydroponic systems. and the only people coming with me would be like 10 of my *****s and some hot ass bitches and a Doctor. STAY HIGH :bongin:

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