Zombie Rasta

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by evilcookie, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. I was wondering if anyone has smoked this strain Zombie Rasta before? i just orderd some off ssc looks fantastic 23-26% thc a 20% sativa 80%indica havent seen it up never heard about it good or bad so was wondering.:wave:
  2. Managed to actually gets some or atleast I was told that's what it was ill find out soon enoufe
  3. Please keep this updated. Would love to hear more about this strain.
  4. Sounds like a killer strain!
  5. Well so far I'm in flower now about two weeks in and only after about 3 days its showing all the sings of being a girl aka white hairs everywhere not really one for posting pics but ill try to remember to take one in late flower maybe they will replace the crappy one they got on there now. Smell come off the plant makes my mouth water every time. So oder control is a must. They clone well of the 4 cutting I took all for have rooted and I was teaching someone to clone. Its a shorter plant than the CH9 JACK(freebie seed) and the white widow big bud cross I'm growing with it. She is a dense little plant that has a good amount of bud sights with big fat fan leaves I would say great for a sea of green. Loves the foxfarm nutes never had a bit of burn or a problem she has been a breeze to grow and a pleasure. I'm getting really impatient for her to be done but she's more than likely to be the last on done seed did take forever to pop not complaining as it was well worth the wait so far. Promise to give a full smoke report when done
  6. Oh and the stuff I got and was told was this strain was pretty good but have been suspect on if it was lagit. Shady grower and dealer but really wanted try and they said they had would not be surprised if they sold good old bag seed to me intact what I got was kind of seedy. Thease are the kind people that makes you want to start growing in the first place just so you know what your getting if you get my drifft.
  7. update my plant has grown strong and stinky with a lovely amber ratio got a amazing amount of finger hash so to tide me over till the bud cures im smoking on some of that hash right now it has and nice citrus flavor and sent when burning smooth i got to say i was worried it was going to be to couch locky but nope i believe its going to be a nice all day smoke my back was spasming three puffs later back feels great while a good head high no paranoia clam and can still function i think we have a winner
    do know why they call it zombie when trimming it smells like a week old corpse 

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