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Zombie Movie Idea "Devils Weed"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by P8NTBLR, Nov 14, 2010.

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    I was watching Zombieland while I was smoking some Cannabis Sativa strain called "Blue Dream" and I started to come up with this movie about how the 2012 election that will pass Cannabis and the world ends in 2012 theory comes together. I remember reading of how certain chemicals in the Cannabis plant can cure "Mutated Cells" like early stages of cancer in the body. And I remember one of my co-workers saying that one certain famous Cigarrette Company bought some space in the "Emerald Triangle" in Northern California. So cigarrettes companies use radioactive fertilizer to grow their cigarrette crops and even though it is very bad to use that fertilizer with marijuana they do it anyways (radioactive cannabis is 20x more dangerous than cigarettes) and experiment with different strains of cannabis crops to see what gets the best results and to see which crop would be the most "Adictive" and less dangerous to use. So what if they accidently created a strain that would cause "zombie-like" highly contageous symptoms. The radioactive fertilizer mutated the cannabis plant that would normally helps cure cancer and other mutated cells in the body into a radioactive made cannabis plant that now mutates the friendly good cells and that caused the Zombie Apacalypse of 2012. (it started to kill everyone that smoked the new strain or came into contact with an infected persons mutated blood cells [Sex, mouth to mouth ect.])
    So the tittle "Devils Weed" is an American History Reference from government anti-pot propaganda of the early 1900's. Another twist could be that the government knew all this with their own research and wanted to protect the public. Which is why they wanted this banned world-wide in the first place to protect the people from this possible Radioactive Strain of Killer Weed.
    For the Storyline Cure the zombies or "infected people" need to be captured and shot with the original non-radioactive cannabis curing oil that can cure mutated cells and be held down for months under medical quarantine until their body becomes normal again and be released into the public; or kill the infected human and any of their mutated blood cells all over the floor has to be clean off with the Good Hemp Oil chemicals because their mutated blood cells are highly contagious and dangerous.
    For the closing Credits I would put "The Cure for Mutated Cells Exists... Cancer Patients Google Rick Simpson Phoenix Tears." Sounds too good to be true and makes the public curious and willing to research more about this "Curing Hemp Oil"
    Be Nice I was high on some strain called Blue Dream while thinking of this story!!!

  2. yo i like it are you gonna actually make it cause im an editor for a school video class and doing a movie like this would be really controversial and is just what im looking for do you mind if i use some of your ideas in a storyline?
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    Please Note there would be no "Actual Zombies" more like the body cells get mutated and people slowly and painfully die whittin a week or two. Movie Mutated cells would be cells that cannot receive oxygen (non-oxygenized cells) within the body (blue blood cells) so the "zombies" would look like they recently died without all that fake blood dripping everywhere from the dead person just a whiteish or blueish (dead looking skin) without the person being dead YET!!! (remember they have a few weeks to live more or less depending on the persons health/resistance/tolorance to weed)
  4. go for it just please give me some small credit in the end credits like P8NTBLR from GrassCity Forums inspired this
  5. yo ***** i think you just got a stoner achievement.
  6. dam im looking over this and its killer weed... lol. Thanks alot cigarrette companies/fed. gov't
  7. I'd watch it.
  8. Damn you must have been high when you came up with that. I'd love to see this.
  9. one last bump
  10. i'd watch it

    might scare some folks outta trying the herb though lol
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    The government calls for all Heavy Smokers with high tolorance to help out and lead the attack against the infected because the military would be infected too easily and die... storyline heros could be cannabis smokers that have smoked organic since the 80's/90's (dealers, gangsters, secret smoking politicians [we know they exist lol]) that smoke so fucken much everyday that they developed a heavy tolorance/immunity to the cannabis virus. So a large group of heavy random smoker walk down the street and up to the military base all casual and say in a very gangster/cool way "We have been preparing for this all our lives motha fucka *smokes a blunt*"
  12. So7nds so fuckin intense!
  13. one problem..who the fuck would smoke radioactive weed?
  14. Bunch of zombies toking? I'd totally watch that.
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    who the fuck would smoke radioactive made tobacco? the cigarette company makes it so dam addictive so your answer would be: alot of addicted people. But in the storyline, they have not released the cannabis strain to the public and were still experimenting. The strange new strain was scheduled to start experimenting later that week. Security guards run rounds every 10 mins and of course there were already a couple of pothead trespassers hopping to score some free weed not knowing whos crop they were breaking into. The crop was grown outdoors so they waited until nightfall to take a few bags full of the weed (*note* they did not know it was radioactive grown, no signs were posted since this was supposed to be a "secret experiment"). Later that week the experiment had concluded that the strain had to be destroyed, so it was properly dispossed of and the scientists ordered the guards to review the security tapes to ensure none was taken off property and they then discovered someone had broken into the crops and stole some of the cannabis a few nights ago. They now know this strand is dangerous so they needed to find out who stole the crops. They finally find out 'who' and go after them in full hazmat. But it was too late the dumbass stoners invited a couple of friends and girlfriends over to a smoke the stolen stash and gave away/sold alot of the crop to the friends after the party. The breakout of the cannabis virus has begun. Let the Fun Begin......
  16. your talking about 2 different things. but whatever
  17. #17 P8NTBLR, Nov 18, 2010
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    I know I made it confusing and sorry about that, but I guess my answer would be addicts/crackheads looking for a cheaper, stronger, and legal alternative to their addictions and alcoholics and tobacco users could play a role in this. Since in the storyline cannabis is legal. Some will want regular cannabis and others might want a "stronger THC weed". You know corporations make great advertisements look very good and enjoyable so the expensive ads could trick people into liking the "new stronger weed". I hope that answered your question.

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