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  1. So, I have came across a guy who has a large amount of columbians devil breath, otherwise known as scopolamine. Has anyone ever used this drug recreationally? If so, experiences?
  2. i want some.
  3. lol it's one of the active chemicals in datura lolololol

    so i say stay away. if you are interested then by all means hit him up
  4. It's a deliriant extracted from datura or belladonna. Little research has been done on it's use but it has been used in a select few medical environments. I myself have never used it but I imagine it may be similar to a dramamine trip. :)
  5. very very similar. more similar to a datura trip though and it's a poison for your body so if you take it you have to dose carefully. how's he trying to sell it to you, in pill form?
  6. Scopolamine is one of the active principles found in solanaceous plants which, along with atropine and hyoscyamine, are known to produce hallucinations( 6 ). Toxic psychoses as the result of the ingestion of sleeping medicines containing scopolamine have been increasingly reported (3, 5 ).

    At the same time, the question of whether marihuana ingestion can create in acute toxic psychosis is pertinent. Keeler(8) believes that there are many adverse reactions to marihuana reporting cases of panic, gross confusion, depersonalization, depression, and paranoia with its use. Allentuck(1), in his classical study in 1944 on marihuana psychosis, stated that major symptoms are "restlessness, and mental excitement of a delirious nature with intermittent periods of euphoria and an overhanging state of anxiety and dread." Thus, we must be concerned about the combined and even synergistic actions of scopolamine and cannabis in the creation of an acute toxic state.

    Fortunately for the patient described above, there was no residuum. Others may not be so lucky. One of the most dangerous results of scopolamine toxicity with its hallucinations is the activation of a hitherto latent psychosis. In the population most interested in discovering new hallucinogenic drugs for pleasure the risks are high, since it raises the potential for more permanent damage to those with already severely weakened defenses or borderline personalities. Diagnosis of toxic states in young people must include investigation of the possible use of scopolamine as well as marihuana. Psychotherapeutic efforts should include warnings of its dangers.
  7. Be careful, you can kill yourself veeeery easily compared to most drugs.
  8. depending on if he knows whathe's dosing. sounds like he's getting in pill form...
  9. Yes, its in a gel-cap type thing. He told me one pill is all I need, but the price is steep which is why I am wondering about it here, ive done a bit of research on this drug itself.

    I have never really heard of anyone doing this recreationally, ive heard of datura trips, but I don't honestly know much about this type of drug, I have done dph before, should I expect that x 1000?
  10. well it's only one of the three active deleriant chemicals in datura so it shouldn't be as intense as datura but probably more intense then DPH. how much is it?
  11. Expect yourself somewhere between dreamy freaky hallucinations and speaking tounges, depending how much is in those caps.
  12. Are you asking how much is per pill or price? I don't know how much is per pill I plan on asking him when I go and get it later on this week, price is $60 a pill
  13. Man speaking tounges is my speciality :D
  14. you can put it in other people's food or drink to make them say....more suggestable, i believe.
  15. I can almost guarantee 60 isnt worth it.

    I wouldnt even touch it if I were you man unless youre into deliriants
  16. I'm really not, but this kind of stuff just interests me for some reason, and its one of those if I ever get the chance to try it, I take it kinda things...and yeah I know its prolly gonna be a fucked up couple of days and a waste of $60 but its just that elusive nature about it.
  17. that's mad expensive for a day trip of delerium lol
  18. You can get some shit like this legally off the internet. I guarantee that it will cost you way less too.

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