Zombie Club: A Stoner Zombie Story.

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    This is the thread for my in progress zombie novel Zombie Club. It is basically my own zombie story, sort of like a dark satire on modern life and zombie films galore. I welcome constructive criticism and questions aslong as your willing to be open minded about it. Everything I write is open to editing and change in the future. Now the zombies don't come until maybe chapter 2, but stay with it. I promise you will enjoy, well only if your super duper awesome I promise you will enjoy. But please leave comments. Now I welcome you to read the epic adventure of Zombie Club! *dramatic music plays*


    If you still lived in Brooklyn, New York on the day of May 22nd, 2010 you should be able to tell if you were neighbors with Udolf Anslinger.

    You would have heard the whole Jimi Hendrix album "Electric Ladyland" being played through his walls on the highest volume option his stereo had. You would have smelt the vast quantities of potent marijuana he was smoking crawl up your nose burning all the hairs inside. You would have seen the excessive amounts of smoke creeping through your door all the way from his apartment. It didn't matter if you lived four floors above or below him, the smoke traveled through the whole building. The aroma would have slightly intoxicated you enough for you to start thinking that maybe you shouldn't call the cops on him and rather relax to the music. You would have relaxed and procrastinated until you began to get very hungry. The sandwich you would have made would have had enough meats and cheeses inside of it to feed a family of five. You would have ate it all and sat back on your couch until you fell asleep. If that wasn't the case for you, you were probably one of the people who didn't get intoxicated by the aroma and just annoyed. Annoyed enough to be one of the dozen of people in the building to have called the cops on Udolf. If you were the latter, then Udolf owes you a thank you. Ofcourse he would never say it at the time.

    The cops arrived at Udolf's door at 7:15 p.m. They knocked and at this time you would have heard Udolf shuffling through his apartment knocking down countless amounts of items and falling on many things. Next you would have heard the police banging on the door and announcing themselves before giving the warning of knocking the door down. They had to try and yell above the music to make sure they were heard. A few seconds later Udolf would have come to the door and ask or rather yell, "How can I help you officers today?". The officer's would have yelled to turn the music off which Udolf forgot to. Then you probably wouldn't have heard anymore Jimi Hendrix. In fact you wouldn't have heard anything that came next.

    "That's better." the fatter police officer said, "I'm officer Hampton and this is officer Leary. We were sent here because many of your neighbors called complaining about loud music, partying, and exaggerated smoking of marijuana. Are you alone in the apartment sir?"

    "Yes... yes I am." Udolf answered. He looked down at the Hampton's belly and then back up at him. "I'm sorry, did this stop you from finishing dinner at Dunkin' Donuts?" he asked.

    "That stereotype is so old man." the other cop, officer Leary, said.

    "Not you dude. That was a hit to chubby over here." Udolf snickered.

    "Did you just insult a cop?" officer Hampton asked Udolf. He grabbed his night stick as to intimidate Udolf.

    "What are you suppose to do with that man?" Udolf responded obviously not intimidated. "But look, I'm sorry guys. I promise not to ever play music that loud again. As for the 'exaggerated marijuana smoking', you have no evidence that it came from this apartment."

    "Don't kid me. You reek of it" officer Leary said. "You mind letting us take a look inside if your sure that you have no marijuana in there?"

    "Nah dude. I'm not dumb. Your going to need a warrant for that." Udolf said smiling smugly. Officer Hampton nudged his partner to take a look past Udolf's shoulder where a lit joint could be seen resting on his living room counter. Udolf's smug smile was returned by both of the cops once they took notice. Without pardoning Udolf Hampton stepped in the apartment shouldering Udolf out the way.

    "What the hell man?!" Udolf yelled being pushed out the way. "You want to get fired?! Where the ass is your warrant for this crap?!" Officer Hampton casually walked over to the counter and picked up the joint giving it a sniff as he passed it infront of his nose.

    "No. Your not dumb boy. Just amazingly stupid." Officer Hampton said then laughing. Officer Leary slowly stepped into the apartment after him. "This is a fine of one hundred dollars in the state of New York boy."

    "Big whoop. I wipe my ass with that sorta money." Udolf replied acting like he didn't care. Truth was Udolf cared alot. Prior to the situation Udolf was just given a pound of the most potent marijuana New York had to offer. That was the reason for his obnoxious celebrating. It was part one of his infamous life plan. The plan isn't related to the situation he found himself placed in though. A pound of marijuana in the state of New York was enough to get you locked up for fifteen years. Especially if it was your second felony, which was the case for Udolf. He secretly hid it in his earlier skirmish around the apartment fortunately. Udolf was extremely frightened that the cops would still find it though. He started to shake and sweat heavily. The cops began to converse amongst themselves as they left Udolf to begin freaking out behind them. Officer Hampton began to talk into his radio. Udolf was feeling too high to understand any of the words he was speaking. At first Udolf was able to play it cool, but now the paranoia was beginning to kick in. He was beginning to fall deeper and deeper into his high. He realized that this was only going to make things worst seeing as he had two cops in the room with him. Udolf was experienced enough to know he shouldn't fight it. He did the only thing he could which was sit down and await whatever came next.

    "So... are you guys just going to write me up and go then?" Udolf asked. He wasn't a great waiter. The officer's ignored the question. "Hey. What were you just saying into that walkie talkie man?" Udolf asked. This question was put on hold as the radio relayed something back to the officers. They smirked before turning back to Udolf who sat on his couch awaiting an answer.

    "We just got the go ahead to search this place clean boy." Officer Hampton replied with a grimace look on his face. Udolf jumped from his seat as soon as he heard this.

    "Wait! Wait a second!" he said holding up his hands to his chest. The three men paused for a moment before Udolf thought of something to say. "Uh.. I gotta go use the bathroom first." Udolf stepped towards the bathroom, but was stopped by officer Hampton.

    "How dumb do you think we are." he said then waving to officer Leary to go check the bathroom. "Lets search this crap inside out!"

    As the two cops raided Udolf's bathroom he tip toed to the bed room where he really had the pound stashed away. Once inside as he was about to move the pound of marijuana to a better hiding spot one of the officer's grabbed his shoulder. Udolf was startled and to his surprise officer Leary was right on his back.

    "Why are you so jumpy all of a sudden? Is the junk getting to you?" Leary asked stepping into the bedroom. He took a look around and saw a big lump underneath the covers on Udolf's bed. Leary raised his brow as he stepped closer to pull the covers off.

    "Wait!" Udolf pleaded. Officer Leary turned around to see what the man had to say this time. "Thats my dog under there man."

    "Your dog?" Leary asked unconvinced.

    "That's what I said. You know, hes sleeping under there."

    "He's sleeping?... Does your dog normally not move or breathe when hes sleeping?"

    Udolf laughed when hearing that question. "Nah, your right. I was just joking. That's actually my cat." Leary didn't find what he said as funny as Udolf did. Still unconvinced he called over officer Hampton who was still searching the bathroom. Officer Hampton came into the room and asked what the problem was.

    "You see that lump on the bed?" Leary asked his partner, "Well apparently thats a dog-"

    "A cat." Udolf interrupted.

    "Yea, a cat under there." Leary finished.

    "Ha! A cat?!" Hampton didn't believe it one bit. He stepped over to the bed with a smirk and pulled the sheets off the bed to see nothing other than the pound of marijuana Udolf had stashed. It was the best hiding spot Udolf could find in the short time he had before he opened the door for the cops. "Your going to be locked away for a long time-". Slam! Before Hampton could finish his sentence he found him and his partner locked in the bedroom. Udolf had closed the door and locked the cops in from the outside. Immediately once Hampton and Leary noticed they rushed to the door and tried to open it. Udolf had a chair pushed up against the other side. They furiously banged and pulled the door trying to get free.

    "You better open this damn door boy!" Hampton demanded yelling from the other side. Udolf was jumping around and panicking in the living room. He cursed to himself over and over trying to think of what to do.

    "I can't go to jail man! I can't" Udolf yelled back. He started to bite his fist as he thought of a plan to save himself.

    "Can you believe this kid?" Leary asked Hampton, obviously the more calmer of the two.

    The officer's quickly got a message on their radios. Hampton was the one to respond. There was an emergency situation downtown and all forces were being called.

    "What should we do? Should we tell them were stuck in a situation of our own?" Leary asked.

    "Screw that!" Hampton exclaimed. "I'm not going to be out smarted by some damn junkie! You better let us the hell outta here boy! I swear when I get out of here your going to take my night stick up the ass so hard you little punk that your moma's gonna feel it!" The last comments were directed towards Udolf.

    "Yea. Like that'll get him to open the door." Leary said taking a seat on the bed next to the pound of marijuana.

    "I don't see you trying anything!"

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the door Udolf's mood was beginning to change. He had two cops locked in his bedroom. They couldn't do anything about it. He had the power. Or atleast he thought he did. He began to smile, but then he realized that they had the marijuana. Udolf didn't mind the idea of being a fugitive. Only thing was that he wouldn't dare leave without the marijuana. He started to bite his fist again.

    "Hey guys." Udolf called. "I'm willing to let you guys go if you just give me the weed."

    "Look. Watch this." Leary said to Hampton hearing Udolf's plea. He moved closer to the door. "Hey I didn't quite catch that through the door. Come closer." As bad as Udolf's first idea was to hide the pound under his covers what he was about to do now was even worst.

    "Ok." Udolf said then moving about a foot away from the door. "Ok. Guys. I am willing to set you free is you can just let me get my-"

    "I'm sorry. I still can't really hear you. Bring your face about an inch away from the door. I should here you then." Leary suggested. Udolf listened and brought his head an inch away from the door.

    "Can you hear me now?" he asked.

    "Yes. Yes I can. Now please go on." Leary said calmly.

    "Ok. So as I was saying. I am willing to set you guys fre-" Bamn! The door broke loose from its hinges and hit Udolf square in the middle of the face. The impact sent Udolf to the floor with the door and some pieces of the chair that was holding it locked ontop of him. Udolf cursed before knocking out.

    "I never seen a kick that hard before in my life Leary. You some sorta tae kwon do artist or something?" Hampton asked stepping out the room with the large bag of marijuana in his hand. You might have heard the door being kicked down aswell.

    "No. That's just the result of a vigorous work out schedule." Leary explained picking the door up from ontop of Udolf.

    "You saying I don't work out or something?" Hampton asked stopping what he was doing.

    "No man. You just go and see whats going on. I'll stay here with this perk and wait for orders or something." Leary said dragging Udolf from the floor and preparing to handcuff him to the radiator.

    "You keep an eye on the slick bastard. I'll be back to take him in in no time. I can't wait to see that boy burn." Hampton said with a smile. He walked out the door soon after to leave his partner and Udolf behind.

    Soon after all this you would have heard of the situation Officer Hampton was called to on your television or maybe radio. Then the next day you would have evacuated the city as suggested and not have known of any of the events that would happen next. If your reading this that must mean that your actually one of the very few survivors of the Huffman Epidemic. If so then you might be pleased to know that this is the story of some of the people who didn't evacuate New York City, before it was closed off.

    If you did live in Brooklyn, New York and heard all this on May 22nd, 2010 then now you know that you were neighbors with Udolf Anslinger, the infamous co founder of Zombie Club.
  2. You're on to something awesome man. This is inspiring me to get back in touch with my writing craft, repped :D
  3. Thx man. X]
  4. Really cool story, I like the tense you're using ("you would have").
  5. More more more cant start and not finish you got my attention now keep it comeing
  6. This is sick man, I was really getting into in, need more though!!
  7. I'll have the next chapter up by tonight. =]
  8. EXCELLENT! I LOVE zombie stories! You're writing is EXCEPTIONAL! Subscribed and +REP!

    BTW, towards the end of the chapter, you refer to Udolf a "the Perk"? I believe you meant "the Perp" as in Perpetrator. :smoke:
  9. Wow dude thats awesome, could use a little editing but all together this first part has me going crazy, i can't wait for your next one! Btw maybe you should write these in Blog so people can subscribe to them and you can find it better? Otherwise more threads will overrun yours, just a thought.

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  11. Thanks everyone! B]

    That blogging idea sounds kool Brisco, but I'm not sure how to do it. Lol.

    Next chapter is below this post everyone.
  12. Chapter 1

    "What do you think it is, sir?"

    "Its the devils work. Thats really all I can think of right now. I mean people eating people just ain't natural. I don't know what has possessed these poor souls to do what they're doing. Maybe its science, a man made substance could have made everyone like this. Who knows. I just really don't think anything man made could cause men to act so ugly. This once beautiful city has befallen to the devil."

    Udolf awoke seeing his television on the News, a show he was very unfamiliar with. His cheek bone was in a lot of pain. By touching it he could tell it was swollen. It hurt so much to him that he didn't even realize what they were talking about on his television. At first his vision was fogged but once he started to come to he began to realize that he was handcuffed to his radiator. "Shit" he moaned. He looked around the apartment and saw that he was alone. He felt too weak to tug and try to break free. It would have proven impossible to get free from the position he was in, but Udolf was the type of guy to try anyway. He did find it weird that his foes had left him there alone. He really had no clue to what was going on. When you get caught for possession you'd usually end up in a cell and not on your living room floor. Then he saw his weed sitting on the coffee table infront of his couch. Excited he went to grab for it forgetting his current position. He did stop himself as he seen officer Leary step out his bedroom though. As if Leary would need to stop a chained man from trying to grab something way out of his reach. Leary was on the phone paying no attention to Udolf either way.

    "Mom. I'm telling you this is just a bunch of propaganda. If you want just leave with Dad and stay with Aunt Gerta for awhile..." he paused as he listened to his moms response. "No mom. I can't go with you. I'm a cop. I have to stay just incase this really is something worth worrying about..." he explained. By this time Officer Leary had taken his police shirt off and was walking around the house in a plain comfortable white cotton shirt. This made Udolf begin to wander how long he was out that a cop was able to get cozy in his apartment. "I can't go to say goodbye neither. I'm watching a suspect right now."

    "Oh. Don't worry about me. I can watch myself. Just gimme the key to these cuffs and I'll wait on the couch for you to come back. I'll be fine dude." Udolf said. Leary glanced at Udolf making it obvious that he was unhappy that Udolf had awoken.

    "Mom I have to go. Just call me when your at Aunt Gertas, alright?" Leary asked his mother. "Okay mom. Bye." He hung up and made his way over to Udolf. He bent down to get closer to eye level with him. "Hey. I forgot to tell you but, everything you say can and may be used against you in a court of law. So it might prove best to just be quiet."

    "Don't worry man. I have no strong interests in talking to you. Can you just let me know why I'm still in my apartment with an undressed cop? Wait. Your not a dirty cop are you?" Udolf asked. Leary raised up and walked away and to the couch. He sat down and peered to the television.

    "Funny" Leary replied, "But I'd really like to know myself."

    "Well my highs still going. I'm gonna try and enjoy some sleep before I'm hauled away. Make yourself at home as you been apparently doing." Udolf said before turning away and closing his eyes.

    "Damn quote unquote outbreak." Leary said under his breath as he continued to watch the News.

    Udolf has been passed out for almost three hours. In this space of time Leary was informed by his superiors that he had to hold his position longer than he thought because the riot downtown was spreading. His partner was wounded in the fuss so he had to wait for things to calm down before he could get a transport back to headquarters. No matter how much he radioed Leary never got a clear answer to exactly what was going on. First the television speculated that a group of insane people were rebelling in the streets. After a few of these people were subdued the media realized that they weren't really people anymore. They claimed the troublemakers sick and hypnotized. A few minutes later they said they had no clear answer to what these people were or had become. Some doctors thought that it was a new disease. Some sort of advanced humanized rabies. Some doctors even went as far to say that people were turning into demons.

    It started off in Melbourne Hospital in downtown Brooklyn. Somehow a bunch of people within the hospital became infected. Afterwards the whole Hospital fell into chaos. A similar incident took place in an apartment complex in the lower east side of Manhattan. People started attacking and viciously dismembering other people and then somehow the people who were attacked started doing the same as their attackers. It continued like this until the building fell to the same fate as the Hospital. Shortly after both incidents smaller similar scenarios began to happen all over New York City slowly spreading from the primary Hospital in Brooklyn and Building in Manhattan. That was as much as Leary knew. Leary wasn't the gullible type and thought that this might have been something, but something nowhere near as bad as the News was making it. He just sat patiently in Udolf's apartment waiting for it to pass over so that he could finally go home and relax. Little did he know that what was going on wasn't something that could just ever merely pass.

    A few more hours later Udolf woke up again with a smile on his face. "Damn, it was just a dream. I was dreaming that I was on this mountain of trees. There was no bark though. The mountain was just made up of branches and leaves. But I could climb up it very easily because the leaves were strong enough to hold me up, and even so they danced in the breeze really beautiful like..." Udolf turned over and saw that Leary was paying no attention to him just the same as the first time he woke up. "Jesus" Udolf muttered. He sat up and began to rub his forehead. "Then the leaves started yelling at me telling me to respond and respond. I was responding though, but they still yelled at me." Udolf added. He looked up to see Leary very pissed. Leary was clenching his radio in his hand.

    "Can someone please respond back!" Leary yelled. Leary had obviously lost his cool by this time.

    "Oh. I get it. It was one of those things where I heard you in my dream out of context." Udolf said to Leary knowing Leary wasn't paying attention still. Leary wasn't paying attention, but just hearing Udolf talk annoyed him to the point where he walked over to the helpless stoner and kneed him in the face.

    "What the f-" Udolf yelled, but couldn't finish from being interrupted.

    "This whole time while you were sleeping you couldn't shut the hell up! I never knew anyone who could talk as much as you do when they sleep! Dammit!" Leary yelled. His temper was gone.

    "So you knee me in the face for that?! Talk about anger problems!" Udolf yelled back. He talked with his hand on his nose, where the impact was made. When he brought his hand away he saw that he was bleeding.

    "If it hadn't been for you being a addicted junkie ass lowlife I wouldn't be sitting here while there's a damn uprising going on outside!" Leary yelled.

    "Your the bastard who ruined my good time. I didn't invite you over. Why the hell would I want a cop to come in, launch a door at me, handcuff me to my radiator, and then knee me in my face!?" Udolf retorted. "You know I think I had a little high when I woke up, but thanks to that Bruce Lee move of yours just now I think it's totally gone now."

    "Yea, that's all you junkies care about. Your damn highs." Leary said calming down. He walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a paper towel for Udolf. "It's for your nose." he said tossing it to the injured man.

    "Well I also care about knowing just what the hell is going on ya know. I would have expected to be taken away by now. What the hell did you mean uprising?" Udolf asked cleaning his nose with his free hand.

    "Nothing to concern yourself about. You'll be out of here soon. Just as soon as things outside begin to calm down." Leary said sitting back on the couch. The News was still on. It was showing recordings of the attacks. Udolf decided to look and was disgusted seeing two men attack a teenage girl on the screen.

    "Those are the real criminals you should be after man." Udolf said.

    "Just shut it. Go back to sleep why don't you. It's almost two a.m" Leary stated not turning back to Udolf.

    "Fine you Nazi." Udolf said turning back around away from Leary. Udolf wasn't tired this time, but forcing himself back to sleep would have proven more entertaining to him than having to keep looking at his enemy enjoy his apartment. Fortunately Udolf was a good sleeper and fell asleep almost instantaneously. Leary wasn't as lucky and his nerves was able to keep him up infront of Udolf's television forcing himself to endure the horrors that was being broadcasted worldwide. The whole city was advised to evacuate. The situation was declared a code red. The National Guard was called in to help suppress the epidemic, but a few bullets didn't seem a match for the hoard of devilish monsters most of the civilians had become. Not knowing if whatever happened to the crazed people could be reversible they weren't allowed to make fatal shots, and that inability proved to be fatal for many soldiers. The whole city fell to panic overnight.

    If you weren't one of the few people to have thought better to evacuate during the first day then you should know your lucky to be alive. If your not a previous resident of New York City then you should blame these people who left late for all that came next.

    Udolf awoke to being sat on by Leary. Udolf was turned on his chest while Leary held his hands from behind. Udolf began to panic once he caught sight of the situation.

    "Shit! You are a dirty cop!" Udolf yelled struggling to get free.

    "Shut the hell up." Leary said handcuffing Udolf's hands together behind his back. "I'm taking you with me. I was hoping to have done this before you woke up." Udolf looked to his window and saw that it was daylight. A whole night had passed.

    "Wait. Where are you taking me?" Udolf asked anxiously. Leary lifted Udolf up and put him on his feet.

    "To whatever outside should be called now." Leary said dragging Udolf to the door.

    "Dude dude dude, don't forget the weed!" Udolf said before leaving his apartment behind.
  13. Good 2nd chapter, I really hope he doesn't forget the weed.
  14. Dude that was amazing, I can't wait for the next chapter, I might end my tolerance break just to smoke while I read it =D

    You provide my entertainment, friend.
  15. Wow, man.....whaaaaat. Fucking great story, I want to read it all now! How have you gotten so good at writing? You just study a load or does it just come naturally? Although i'm not that good I love writing, once I get into a story I can't stop writing.
  16. Thanks everyone. =]
    I don't think I'm as good as a published writer sam, but I guess practice like this will get me there. Lol. I barely read though. I mean I finished only less than ten novels my whole life. I have been writing stories since elementary school though. I've gotten better over the years, but I've always had a passion for writing. Ironically I'm more of a movie guy though.
  17. man, i read the prologue and i was like FUCK ME i cant wait for chapter 1.

    and chapter 1 was already done.

  18. Hah well your trying right? And obviously people like it!
  19. Very nice writing, you've got me hooked already. :hello:
  20. TLDNR...yet! Judging by peoples responses I'll have to read this I suppose

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