Zombie Apocalypse

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  1. quoted for absolute fact this gentlemen knows his zombie movies
  2. Just wanted to say I got the coolest Zombie Shirt eva for chirstmas =) so excited!

  3. Pics or gtfo
  4. DEC. 5th! thank god!!!! wtf when does next season start???? i want to know now! i mean i want to know if sheriff rick is gonna feed his deputy shane to some zombies after takin his .357 and blowing of the mo'fucka's nuts
  5. Ok dude here ya go! brains.jpg
  6. all i know is that when the zombie apocalypse begins, i will be ready.
    i have done some thinking on the issue and decided that a lightsaber would be the most effective weapon.
  7. “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side” ~han solo~
  8. ... think about it. i dont want to have to reload or aim for that matter. if zombies arrive im here to fuck shit up
  9. i never once seen them reload a blaster....

    but yeah a light saber makes for the baddest of bad ass malay weapon !
  10. DEAD ALIVE hands down best, goriest and funniest zombie movie to date.
  11. Dead Alive is amazing! ^ I like your taste!
  12. Read World War Z, watched The Walking Dead full season, played Resi Evil / COD Zombie / Undead Nightmare. Also seen Shaun of the Dead a fair few times, def the best "zomcom". :p
  13. don't forget that you can kill zombies as JFK on Black Ops! fuckin' great shit man! :)
  14. i did not know that
  15. Great book called Dead City i give it a 10/10 for a book shit was crazy got to pick it up

  16. yeah its fuckin' ill! you get to hold down the pentagon from zombies! its so sick!
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    Another one of my favorite zombie movies is Aliens. You probably never thought of it that way, but its totally a zombie movie.

  18. wtf how
  19. i fuckin love Aliens. Classic.

  20. -Mindless hordes of deadly creatures
    -People are taken away to becomes hosts for new deadly creatures/like being bitten and becoming zombie
    -The gradual killing off of each character
    -Acid blood/Infected blood
    -Lots of guns

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