Zombie Apocalypse

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Nikkisunshne609, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. ha ha ha katana I would cut my arm off before id kill a single zombie! shit you can show me how I dont mind

  2. But i thought on amazon, I saw undead redemtion, as a single xbox cd game? can you confirm that for me?

    lol id probably hurt myself to, but I have fucked around with katana's before...so I should be ok

    Guns are fun, I dont like hunting to much a turkey sure, not a deer not so much maybe in the future..but it isn't hard to shoot, just concentrate,deep breath, pull trigger , bang lol


  3. Well its easier if you have guns! I dont. Uh yea I dont want to hunt ew im grly and couldnt kill anything. I just want to shoot targets.
  4. haha yeah, I have been to a range a few times, I want to get better at clay pigeons

    ok so now you tell me, what zombie movie to stream , whats your recommendation nikki:smoke:
  5. Zombieland 2 (2011)

    It's going to be in 3-d.
  6. Damn I made a thread or something about Zombieland 2 I cant fucking wait, they say they want to make at least a few with a possible tv series (lame)

    everything that comes out now will be in 3-D lol , fucking sucking us dry for money :laughing:

    them 3-D dvd's, do you need a 3-D tv?

  7. Aw sars I took so long! Def watch Dead Alive. Its pretty awesome! I want a 3-D tv so bad! I love 3-D movies its like the only way ill see a movie these days! IMAX 3-D high ohhh yea!
  8. I will stream that later on tonight, I needa fix my damn fireplace and after y celtics game i will be watching it lol thank ya for the recommendation :smoke:

    I never get out to the movies much lol
  9. Zombieland :devious:
    Resident Evil
    28 Days Later
    Shaun of the Dead

    Left 4 Dead 1 & 2
    World at War Nazi Zombies
    Dead Rising

    I live for the undead :devious:
  10. Zombie games are epic as shit one day I will own dead rising 2 or w.e its called

  11. i wish i had a fireplace post a pic so I can sit by the fire. like the yule log on xmas


  12. Do you have Dead Rising 2?

  13. Sadly no, I've only played the Dead Risings at a friends :(
  14. You can get Undead Nightmare as a disc I didn't know that
  15. RESIDENT EVIL 3 nemesis my favorite zombie game of all time:cool:

  16. haha yeah , If I had a camera or a broken camera on my cell :laughing:

    its a bitch tho I have to keep fixing it, and fixing it:smoke:

    hahaha sick, Im going to buy that then
  17. I must say i like shaun of the dead a lot
  18. AW SHIT! I missed last weeks walking dead
  19. I believe the December 5th episode was the last one for this season.

  20. yea it was! I want the boooks!

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