Zombie Apocalypse

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  1. ^^^ I am of the school of thinking both Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead were excellent.

  2. yea Zombieland was good but Shaun of the Dead just didnt do it for me. I thought it was kinda cheesy =) but I still watched even the worst zombie movie is good :smoke:
  3. I like Zombie movies, just some kinda suck - I didnt like Shaun of the dead..idk why

    Dawn of the Dead or w.e the one was in the mall and they shot jay leno from the roof, was classic.

    favorite it being a comedy..

    Zombieland...I cant place any other zombie movie above it

    that girl looked so good, and Woody H is fucking hilarious

    Bill Murray's cameo was awesome...I have watched that movie...no jokes at all...

    25 times
  4. Sean of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, The Walking Dead is super awesome additionally.

  5. Doode Bill Murray killed me in Zombieland...Most zombie movies dont get a big budget like that so that sucks.

    Theres two Dawn of the Dead. The one you speak of and and equally as good if not better one written and directed by George A. Romero from 1978( I believe). watch it
  6. COD Zombies on the 360 and the Walking Dead

  7. Bill Murray = top 5 favorite actors/actresses all time imo

    I will do, ill get around to streaming it or something..I need to get over the Zombieland obsession tho :eek:

    Good type of movie to just kick back and watch :smoke:

  8. oh yea and the walking dead on demand is awesome. do you have netflix?

  9. I'm getting around to it its like 10 a month?

    never saw walking dead, is that the tv show? theres so many zombie movies I cant keep up with whats what :laughing:

  10. yes the walking dead is a tv show on amc with about 6 (i think) episodes thus far.

    Netflix depends on what you get 6.99 for one dvd 10 for two. just guessing ... do you have xbox or ps3?
  11. I've been playing Red Dead Undead Nightmare and I gotta say so far it is awesome.

  12. I didnt get Red Dead Undead yet keyword being YET! I reallly want this game.

  13. Did you of all people on GC ask if I have a box or pstriple lol?

    how many games of halo do I needa play :smoke: just messin with ya

    but yah I got a box

    I dont want the dvds lol

    I'm buying red dead undead as long as I dont have to buy red dead redemption in order to play itI dont wanna buy 2 to play 1

  14. halo wiht me ?

    ok well you can get it for free if you have a buddy who has a netflix account if u just want it on ur box

  15. yeah my friends giving me the numbers or w.e to sign up for netflix, I could use a zombie movie..it gets dark here at like 430 :eek:

    and Im buying a 12 month card next week, so I can play alot of halo, and but the new maps, looking forward to it...

    but looking more foreward to the Zombieland Blu-Ray I just bought
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    you and zombieland! its my goal to help you find a new zombie movie to watch again and again.

    Oh yea and I prob forgot we played halo together since well its been 4eva. imu
  17. I love dawn of the dead. Thats my favorite zombie flick bar none. i have a book called the zombie survival guide, its got some good information in it. My grandfather is willing me his M1 Carbine rifle, that shits a zombie killing machine. Head shots all day.

    Damn, been playing to much nazi zombies.

  18. Read World War Z way better and by the same guy Max Brooks. Zombies are half the reason i wanna learn to shoot a gun.
  19. lol yeah you can sure help :p

    and yes we will play again next weekend I promise lol :smoke:

    I have been doing to much damn shopping for my family I bought my cousin dawn of the dead, used, but ima watch that later now that ya thread has inspired me :laughing:

    you can't shoot a gun? shit id show you how lol, but a katana will come in handy more than a gun, no bullets ;)
  20. You need the game but the game is awesome

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