Zombie Apocalypse

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  1. The original dawn of the dead is still my favorite zombie movie i'm also looking forward to the World War Z movie i heard its starring brad pitt, anyway the battle at Yonkers scene should be epic!
  2. either return of the liveing dead or dawn of the dead oringal 1978 all geroge a romero (best zombie directed ever) :hello:
  3. thanks for the recomendations =] shall look into world war z an fido

    an yea zombie strippers was funny as shit lol paco was fucking awesome!!
  4. Hell yeah, Fido! That's a really good one; quite different, but turned out really well. I love zombie flicks, even the really corny over-the-top ones.
  5. Come on people! Zombie movies always get me in the mood for halloween! Suggesting? Favs? Don't Disappoint
  6. On Netflix there are a few

    Dead Snow
    Survival Of The Dead
    Zombies of Mass Destruction
    probably more too, but those are the ones I've seen, oh yeah Fido too, that's a funny one.

    I'm a sucker for Dawn of The Dead, I like that one. The 28 week/days are good too

    They're supposed to be working on a 28 months later when it spread all over the world, but I dunno if that's actually going to happen or if its been killed.

  7. Dude 28 months later would be awesome! Im really dieing (get it) to see World War Z =)

    Thanks for the suggesting I will be checking them out for sure! =)
    Oh yea and Fido is so funny! You should check out Bad Taste its really my fav its uh Peter Jackson flick and its low budget and kinda cheesy but its super funny! Alien zombies will never disappoint!
  8. 28 Days Later is definatly my favorite zombie movie because i could see that happening so much more than the traditional undead zombies. Its also more reminiscent of our time the way the zombies are fast as hell, i equate it to a terroist attack. When terroists attack they attack suddenly and fast.
  9. Anyone catch the new zombie show on amc I think?
  10. The film opens by throwing you into the deep end with a scene that was later found to be between 2 agents, a shady organization. One of the main characters, Miller was handcuffed and mercy net agent to trigger the zombies to complete. Miller, but escaped zombies come out to turn the once peaceful city undead in your worst nightmare.
  11. The walking Dead on AMC is the shit!

  12. yes! that was top notch,!!!
  13. Shot it just down the road a ways. If I had known when they were shooting me and my buddy would have dressed up like zombies and snuck on the set. Here is to wishing I win that walk on zombie role. As for the movies I like anything romero but I like the corny shit like dead heat and stuff.
  14. Just dropping to say the following movies are epic.

    Original Night
    Original Dawn
    Shaun of the dead
    & Zombieland (GO WOODY)
  15. Wow, you seem to like the absolute WORST of the zombie movie genre.

    My favorite movies/TV in order:

    1. Dawn of The Dead (1978)
    2. Return of the living Dead (1988)
    2. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
    4. Night of the Living Dead (1990)
    5. Day of The Dead (1985)
    6. The Walking Dead (AMC TV Series 2010)
    7. Dead Set (British TV Series 2008)
    8. Zombie (1979)

    I also love WWZ and "We're Alive", which are zombie apocalypse audio books.
  16. Return of the living dead was not Romero. It was meant to be a parody of Romero's NOTLD, but ended up holding its own. ROTLD is definitely one of my favorites though.
  17. Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead, and the Dawn of the Dead remake are some of my favorites.\

    I need to spend some time and watch all of Romero's films though. I want to write a comic book about zombies so I need more zombie movies under y belt.

    I love the Left 4 Dead games to death as well.
  18. this was prob mentioned in the thread but anybody watching "the walking dead" tv series? its dope
  19. It was mentioned. I watched the first episode it was fucking good. I need to read the comic as well Robert Kirkman is a great artist and writer.
  20. The first 2 aren't even real zombie movies. They're parodies. The DOTD remake is complete crap compared to the original. In fact all of Romero's newer movies are crap. His last good movie was Day Of The Dead.

    So yeah, you need to actually watch the classics:

    1. Dawn of The Dead (1978)
    2. Return of the living Dead (1988)
    2. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
    4. Night of the Living Dead (1990)
    5. Day of The Dead (1985)

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