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  1. so i was playing left 4 dead 2 today, and i was thinking 'what if zombies take over the world?'...what 5 things would you want to have with you and where would you want to post up to survive the onslaught?

    my 5 things:
    dank ass ganj
    a M4 assault rifle
    more dank ass ganj
    a big backpack filled with essentials (first aid, flashlight, batteries, etc.)
    and last but certainly not least...even more dank ass ganj!!!

    and i would probably post up in either a gun shop or a super walmart...probably the walmart, you would never run out of shit
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    I think about this all the time! Kind of half joking, but why take a chance :D

    I have a shotgun with at least 100 shells, varying from buckshot, birdshot, slugs, and "long range" for all three. In an apocalypse setting, guns mean power.

    First stop is a gun shop, next stop is canned food store/water, third stop is medical supply. Specifically antibiotics.

    I Live on the second floor with no other access accept for a single wooden stairway. Take that out and I'm golden until we run out of supply's. Then It's zombie blasting time. With two shots left for me and my girlfriend.

    Ever read the zombie survival guide? Good shit. :hello:

    Edit: OP: Make sure you pick the right wallmart. The mega two story wallmart in albany doesn't sell guns or ammo.
  3. If there was a zombie apocalypse, at least no one would see this thread anymore. :smoke:
  4. 1. Sig Sauer Blaser Tac 2 rifle chambered in .300 MAG
    2. Sig Sauer 556DMR automatic rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO
    3. Sig Sauer P226 pistol chambered in .357 SIG
    4. Ammo
    5. Ammo
  5. a black glock with a red beam and a box of bullets everything else should fall into place
  6. same things as op but instead of #4 ill chose to get a ride to canadian tire
  7. Just the clothes on my back.

    I'll tare legions of zombies a new asshole with my bare fucking hands.
  8. me and some friends have it all planned out. We are going to round up everyone we know that would be useful, we have a couple friends that are experts on gardening and horticulture, some buff friends just cause they are buff (and they are cool too), medical people, handy persons, mechanics, sailors etc. We plan to commender a sail boat and build a colony on one of the smaller islands like Wardron (or whatever its called). Any island with civilization is going to be fucked. Anarcho-primitism is our greatest tool of survival!!:D:D
  9. Ha ha I love how almost everyone has a legit zombie apocolypse plan. I've thought about it too. Just post up at a super WalMart or just a gigantic store like costco or something. For me the Mall is way to cliche lol. Of course I would have to have mad guns so i'd hit the gun store first and obviously get all my friends and loved ones and get some dank ass weed. :hello:

    Shit would be golden.
  10. For sure dude. Camping out Costco is a great idea. I would also suggest acquiring your firearms before shit hits the fan.
  11. All you'd really need to do to avoid the zombocalypse is take over the island of Sark. They're already separated form pretty much everything, and it would be as as all hell to defend.
  12. 1. Weed

    2. Sniper rifle


    4. Supplies


    Chill on my roof and blast away.
  13. I'd totally be this guy.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW0A5spnCiw]YouTube - GTA Long Night (Mod): Mission 5 - Lighting Up[/ame]
    Goes the Police department to find some bud,
    finds out some corrupt cops took it to the light-house and started a ruckus.​
  14. I think its risky to depend on guns. I mean what if it breaks or jams? Id rather have a nice recurve and lots of arrows. Its much easier to stock up on spare parts for that than a gun, plus you can make your own amo when you start to get low, and even your own bow. Id still have some guns of course, but really only as backup.
  15. 1. ) A freakin 12 gauge.

    2.) Some freakin 12 gauge ammo

    3.) Katana

    4.) Guitar

    5.) Sunglasses

    I figure i'll look pretty cool decapitating zombies with a guitar strapped to me. :laughing:
  16. A guitar is just one more thing for the fuckers to grab onto....

  17. I see your point but if a zombie is close enough to grab the guitar, his head will roll.

    But if not, then i guess I'll upgrade to this:

  18. MexiTech FTW.
  19. I'd just make my little fortress inside a Tesla coil so whenever any of the fuckers get close, they get zapped
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  20. -cellphone
    -bottle of water

    i'll head over to costco.

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