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    Alright, the Zombie Apocalypse aka ZA has arrived, what are you doing? What are you going to do with what you got to work with at your exact location in the world.

    I am in Daytona Beach Florida, literally live right the street across from the beach, so I would try to grab a boat if I can to escape from them at the time & gather my self & hit up people with my phone praying to God someone answers, if I dont got a boat, i'm gathering up all my stuff like food & weapons and shit & heading to my homeboy's crib & see whats good, maybe hit up a gun shop/Walmart/etc. to gather up firearms if we can. Definitely hit up our other homeboys also & form a milita The Walking Dead style.

    What would you do ? :cool::smoking:
  2. and hwat will you do for sex? will you:
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  3. i live in ontario, canada, the city i live in is an 2 hours away from being in remote wilderness, i would gather my family stop at the gun store half an hour from my house load up, head up north to my buddys house thats in the middle of know where, he has a stupid amount of guns and ammo and chill their, probably stop at some sort of store to grab as much caned food as possible to.
  4. I will scavenge the local grocery/gas station corner store for water and food. I will grab my rifle and all ammo as well as all other necessary survival equipment and tools and i will then relocate to a building that has multiple stories and stay on the top floor, barricading the bottom one. Or go to the Army base right down the road and try to hold it out there (if the army was there with me lol)
  5. My bud lives far out of town easily if u take freeway. I got guns get to his house which is surrounded by man made lakes n rock quarry with dragable sized slabs that can make good barricades plenty of fencing around the area we can repurpose around his house the lake and the house next

    (he stays in the lake house and some business man who spends like 3 months here has a pretty plush house. Right next to his about 200 yards away)

    Any way get fencing up there. The lake ssurrounds the back end of both houses. With two rock quarry lakes and a drivable strip of land to get to his house. He has about a soccer field n a half in front of his lake house with no walkable path there.

    Plenty of tools to til the ground geese and fish year round heavy wood land. Around the sides of the lake plenty of firewood. Gas station up the road and down the street.

    I'd pretty much start a new life zone there. He has an island that this past summer we cleared a trail to. Gotta cross about 6 or 7 foot of water to get their. Ideal for growing pot. Flatland. It's a nice place..and with some trucks chains and the right ppl we could fortify that entire area easily. Quite sure we could rebuild. Make shift tents n houses coold be built. The lakes stocked with bluegill bass sunfish n Some other shit. Tons of deer n rabbit. Let the older ppl n kids take up the big house hell. When I told him he called me brilliant.

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    You can find it..surrounded by lakes There is hope
  7. Steal a 4wd and head inland for the bush. Stopping at a gun store, camping store, super market and nimbin for weed on the way.
  8. I'll probably run down the street towards the neighbor kid's house. He's a douchebag. If he's still alive I will either steal his gun if he's gone or find him wherever he is and beat the shit out of him and take it. There, I'm armed. Now I'll run down the street looking for the safest place to hole up, shooting any zombie that gets in my way. I'm far from an expert marksman even with a handgun so that may be problematic but let's say I make it.. I find a safe place. I hole up. I'll wait till it dies down, lay low, ignore any screams for help because I don't want to be no hero. Then I'll come out, stay low, move quick and quiet, find some more ammo or weapons or supplies. If I don't, that's too damn bad. Safety's more important. Rather die safely from starvation than being eaten alive by smelly walking corpses. And rinse and repeat hopefully with the discovery of supplies eventually. I will shun any other survivors. I never wanted to deal with people before, now I have the option of saying "fuck off or I will shoot you."
  9. Wow man^ is there something you wanna talk about? Hahaha
  10. probably stop at some sort of store to grab as much caned food as possible to.[​IMG]
  11. probably locked up eating boiled carpet until I die of malnutrition
  12. boiled carpet >.< that's fucked!
  13. I always keep my pantry stocked. I'm starting the process of getting guns (before that right is taken away). I work out so I can be physically fit in case something happens and I've started reading up on survival skills.

    I live closer to NYC than I would like. We all know the cities go first and you want to be as far away as you can. I would make my way to my grandpas farm in the Midwest and hunker down there if possible. Otherwise I live on the second story so I would bar the door and make runs into town for supplies if necessary.

    I think about post apocalyptic scenarios on the regular so... yeah...
  14. first i would kill off alot of other people you know kill and rob them before they kill and rob you then i would gather like 50 female survivors and 20 of my closest guy friends......steal a yatch then i would go to an island kill all the infected,rebuild,repopulate(this is when females come in handy),grow a ton of weed an live happily ever after.
    All our future schools will have at least 100 copies of the Zombie Survival Guide
  15. I live in the woods with guns.

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