Zombie apocalypse!!!!! how would it be really?

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  1. Ok, so we all think it would be cool but, Be realistic, Imagine how it would really be. Killing zombies is the only major good thing. The constant fear of the zombies them selves would be stressful enough, dont forget about have to have a constant supply of food and water enough for you and who ever you are with, finding a good shelter, be able to strategize.. etc, But, what if you may come across other survivors, will they be friendly, what if one of them was "bitten" and aint say nothing. Also, would you be man enough. :smoke::smoke:

    And also wich would be more scary
    and witch one would you prefer?
    Fast zombies or slow zombies?
    i personally like the fast ones.

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  2. I'd prefer no zombies at all, personally :p
  3. I'd have a fucking field day. I actually really hope it happens... although we all secretly know it won't
  4. I dont know if I will survive, but I know I stand a way better chance than most people. Ive been preparing since I was like 8
  5. I would go to block island where is just a small island off of Rhode Island. Id like to see zombies try swimming a few miles through the ocean.
  6. im happy with the thought of zombies not really lasting to long....like decomposition kicking in...ahahaa

  7. I aint think of that lol... or would that like, turn on each other zombie eating zombie zombie eating stray animals, so not many zombie would make it so i guess there would be a less threat

    and how long would it take for them to decompose anyways?:smoke::smoke:
  8. Tweakers
  9. Fast zombies would be way scarier, especially the ones that can run on walls in euro zombie movies
  10. I agree fast ones would be, In what euro zombie movies are you referring to because i seen rammbok and the horde and a movie called mutants and i dont remember any of the zombies crawling on walls. lol :smoke::smoke:
  11. I've seen all the zombie movies, so I think I'd do just fine.

    Bring it on bitches. :metal:
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    You'd have to be a sick person to want this. Or to enjoy that hell on earth as actual reality. The people would eventually be worse than the zombies.. Since laws, morality and caring would go out the window. The nice folk would be at the mercy of everyone else..You'd have mass rape(pedophiles would have a field day etc), torture, sadisim and other unmentionable evil etc just for fun/sport.. And that's not even going into commodities and other basic human needs we take for granted. I would really not be fun. It would really be hell on earth. And like you said OP the only 'good' thing would be the act of killing undead things for sport. That's why people hunt animals..

    edit: fast zombies like 28 weeks later, etc would be much scarier than your Shaun of the Dead types..just because they'd be more lethal/suprising.

  13. That's a bit over the top...
  14. how would it be really?

    it'd suck
  15. Well there'd be less than 60k zombies in my county and it's farmland so it'd kind of be like the crazies but with dumber things trying to kill you. I'd just gather supplies and head north, sail the great lakes in a boat. Grow weed, travel south every now and then to get a rush. :p
  16. question is can zombies swim?
  17. it'd be horrible

    the media would try to downplay the whole thing

    the government would be doing shit without telling people... making walls and dropping napalm

    unless you're in the know, you're gonna be joining the horde
  18. It would undoubtedly become a nightmare, slow zombies would become to easy, but with guns, walk in the park if u have military ordinance and a strict set of rules. Morality would only be lost to a few, and all the other fucked up ppl are there regardless. Give 2 people auto shotguns and 2 others assault rifles or subs of a low caliber like .57 or 22 and im srry but with munitions the crowd is overkill. Just 2 m60's are enough to drop thousands in a funnel. Hollows ftw
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    I'd rather have slow zombies so I can walk past them .....

  20. Realistically, we would all probably die.

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