Zombie apocalypse actually possible?

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  1. just run them over.
  2. edit: but seriously. that was an epic video. :hello: and yes its possible.. but the government would try and control it or destroy the disease..
  3. We really need a ZA sticky. I'm tired of reading this shit.
  4. Id be ready so no prob here :)
  5. that fungus will never be able to use a human as it's host. Even if it did, we would hardly be zombies, more like a brainless drone, all it would know is to walk over to a leaf and bite down on it and wait for a bird to eat it.

  6. You never know. Im sure if there was intelligent life when we were monkeys, Im sure they would say theres no way they would figure out how to split atoms

    Isnt that what a zombie is?

    PS: I cant wait for one to happen.
  7. Holy shit!:eek: That video was pretty disturbing!
  8. First off, those ants are just tripping out

    Second, zombies are the dumbest fucking monsters ever dreamed up. Their brains rot, their flesh rots, their muscles decay, yet they somehow become capable of biting through other creatures' skulls? I think the first thing that would happen would involve their gums decaying and their teeth falling out. Fuck zombies.
  9. Actually, some dudes from Croatia came up with an even dumber monster. It's a headless fella holding two bombs that runs straight at people despite having no brain or sense organs to tell them where to go, and while they do it they're screaming the entire time despite the fact that they have no vocal chords or mouths.

    I love that game.
  10. The point I was trying to make was that the fungus could control someones brain, but they would definitely not act anything like a zombie at all.

    They would just walk to the fungus' desired place and die there waiting for a bird to eat the corpse (thats what the fungus does)

    not a very exciting zombie.

  11. I'm not a "zombie apocalypse" kind of guy, and I agree theres alot of "what would you do scenario" threads, but this isn't one of them. I just find it fascinating that a NATURALLY occuring fungus can cause an ant to climb high into the trees and latch onto a leaf, and that it's probably possible to engineer something that causes a creature to do something more complex instead of climbing upward and then latching onto a leaf. Each fungus only targets a specific species.
  12. You know zombies are actually real, just not the infamous 'living dead'

    I think its Haiti but voodoo priests can make a syrum that makes a person seem dead, then digs them up after they have been buried. As long as they keep drugging them, they are basically mindless slaves

  13. Seen some documentary's on this!
  14. Wasnt it Discovery? I dont remember. It was a long time ago.

    And dont google 'voodoo zombie'

    It some gay band name
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    Most def was on discovery channel, I've seen a couple on there, I remember one in hati, half way threw the doc there was a bloody coup and dude just said fuck this and went home!

    PS could have been history channel like the poster below says!

  16. History channel. I forget what the name of the show is but I seen it. It was about voodoo.
  17. I don't doubt that a virus or bacteria or something could make us into zombies

    but 123 not it imo

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