Discussion in 'General' started by nbbd1375, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. Can i get high off them?
  2. na but if ya had like a few beers and i mean a few and took some you would get so drunk...
  3. In my opinion, no. For the purpose that they are prescribed, they have to be in your system for a few weeks before you feel anything. So, I don't see how you could really get off on them. I've never tried though.
  4. I agree with Lacrossestar. I remember when I was younger, one of my friends had a prescription for them. We'd pop a few of them and have some beers. You feel soooooo out of it.

    But in general, I really don't recomend that people mix alcohol and prescription drugs. However, that opnion is based on my experiences....
  5. Zoloft is an anti-depressant so IMO I do not think that one could get high off of them. When I was prescribed zoloft, it took about 2 1/2 weeks to feel any effect and then it wasn't good. I would walk into walls and everything was distorted. Plus, I had the whole n/v side effect. But like any drug, it effects everyone differently.
  6. N/V whats that?

    I take zoloft and havent had any bad side effects but like ya said reacts differently for every one....

  7. n/v is nausea and vomiting........I'm glad it didn't do those things to you. I just couldnt take it or prozac for that matter. Oh well but thats what it means. Sorry for the abbreviation.........it's a force of habit being a nurse.

    Peace and love.............
  8. i have been perscribed to zoloft since my 4th suicide attempt... and i've eaten a few pills at once, and it does nothing... hell, i havent taken my perscription at all fro about 3 weeks now... i just take maybe a hit or 2 every 4 hours or so, and it works better....

    i even ate an entire bottle (60 in a bottle) to try and OD on it (i was aiming for a sense of irony, a drug that is supposed to be an "upper" killed me) and all that happened was i was vomiting for about 6 hours... i should have gone to the hospital to get my stomach pumped... but i dont like hospitals... i secretly beleive that 90% of doctors dont know what the fuck their talking about... read a book and cure yourself... that my philosophy...

    anyway... zoloft wont give you any type of high, buzz, trip, anything... all in all it only moderatly works if you take it as perscribed...
  9. Porn stars mix Viagra and Zoloft. Supposedley, you can last for hours upon hours. True story.
  10. i'm a dumbass, my bad.
  11. Hey Mike42282,

    Look at what you quoted from Flowerchild, I think it will answer your question. ;)

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