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Zoinking Pheebods!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Sep 21, 2002.

  1. well..salvia came in today, went over to friends house, got all set up, he smoked it, then i smoked it, the smoke stings like a mother fucker, it is nothing comperable to weed smoke, i would call it spicy, but thats just me, anyway, i took three massive hits, and could feel it, the first thing to happen was for my gravity to change, everything felt heavy, and then i felt a line down the middle of my face and abdomen, it was as tho i was stuck under a glass, like someone set a gigantic glass down on me, but instead of me being trapped in it, they missed, pinning me under the sides of it. and i felt this pressing sensation on me, and then the floor fell away from the room, everything became grey, i had closed eye visuals, my friend became a stick figure, and he says i got mad and yelled at him for becoming a stick figure, and then told him that his legs became round again, at that point all i remember from my own experience was laughing maniacly, i dont remember saying or doing anything,i could distinctly feel my hands and fingers moving, and i LOVED rubbing my face, it was suprisingly too good, just to sit there and rub on my face...anyway, that was pretty much the peak of it, i faded back and forth for some time, anyway, it was great, i didnt go somewhere or live an entire lifetime talking to aliens, but, it was well worth the 20 that i put in, and i believe we will be trying the extract.....

    so, all in all, the leaf didnt give me what i expected, but i did feel something very much more intense than mj could ever do.. im still hyper, yet tired, from the whole thing, and that was around one, and now its 11
  2. Haha good shit man good shit...Its fun readin peoples trips, yours sounded real intense. Just think what it woulda felt like if you had some 15x salvia extract or somethin, you probably woulda been taken to another world.

    Yeah rubbing your face while your trippin feels real nice especially right after you shave.....Ummm, I have to go...*runs*
  3. I haven't had Salvia in a while.... it's a very very nice buzz, even from just the leaves. But I wouldn't do it regularly as not much is known about it's affects on your physical OR mental health.

    As soon as someone tells me, "It gives you eternal youth", I'll smoke me a few bowls every day :D
  4. it gives you eternal youth
  5. norm! geez I was wondering where or when you were gonna post the salvia rant. ha. i shouldve known zoinking pheebods. you sounds like you had a good time. Im trying to get my cash flow situation out so I can go get me some of that. sounds like something I wanna do!!! I wanna do it!! I wanna, I wanna Iwanan Iw anna I wah
    I wha?

    sorry to hear about the alien thing not happening...not to be selfish but I dont think they have the internet....or do they?? hmmm..

    lol[​IMG]mental health.

    and holy shit if i didnt do somethin right this time...after my third hit, i dropped the bong, and KNEW that the fucking hot ass bowl was resting on my foot, and i could see it and feel it burning me, but i couldnt do anything but sit there and giggle, so my sitter finally moved stuff around, and then i just layed there and giggled about shit, and said stuff i cant even remember, and then it was like my concious snapped back into my head from somewhere behind me on the plains of reality, and the whole burning foot and giggling was only a memory, or more like a dream that didnt happen, but i KNEW it had...also, i layed down with my head to the foot of his bed and at the head of his bed he has a cd player and nightstand and other junk, anway, i put my head at the foot of his bed, and all of that stuff was there, it was as if his room had was insane, and then i tried to get up and could do nothing but fall.....and for some reason i was super fucking scared of the flashlight, i couldnt explain it, i just had to get him to turn it off, and then while on the floor, it was as if the only reality, was what the light was being cast upon, anything that i couldnt see did not exist...but by far the trippiest part was when my mind snapped back into place from somewhere behind me on the plain of threw me for a fucking LOOP..all i could do was sit there and say holy shit a lot.

    doin it again sometime soonish...i think im gettin the hang of it.

    EDIT: later on when i had come down, my sitter told me that the bowl was NOT resting on my foot....strange shit.
  7. Cool man... haven't had Salvia in a while.... I wanna have some again man... now!
  8. all these good times are getting me jelous about all these Salvia trips, god dammit i want some soooo bad,......*sniff*I want my room to flip sides and shit :( *lol*
    how long does the salvia last and is the come down really sudden?
  9. mine have only lasted like 10 minutes or so, and no it doesnt come down sudden, the only thing sudden is when your mind shoots back in your earhole....comperable to your concious mind being shot with a rubber band...but it is most DEFINATELY WORTH IT...............its 40 for a half ounce where i got it, and i got it in like 9 days

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