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Zods Grow Journal: DWC vs Soil

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by kneelb4zod, Mar 16, 2013.

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    This is my first attempt at trying to grow anything. So this could be interesting. I aim to update this grow log regular throughout my first grow so stay tuned.


    So I ordered some Dutch Passion: Star Ryder from attitude they arrived very quickly and there stealthy postage options were very good. I also received A few freebies which I'm keen to try.

    I picked the star Ryder due to its ease and quickness of growing this is mainly down to the fact it's auto. Also a lot of places claimed 300g yield per plant indoors obviously that amount is possible for an experienced grower but I'm a noob ill be happy with an ounce from each plant.

    I have only 1x bubbler bucket with clay pebbles and some 6l Air pots for the grow. I have a tent with a rhino style in line fan and a carbon can filter. My lighting setup is 1x400w HPS with a sun master duel spectrum lamp.

    So seeds arrived and I couldn't wait to get started. Now like I said earlier I am a complete noob I've educated my self purely by browsing and reading grass city forums I thought it would be nice to contribute and post my experience so that you lot can hopefully help me on the way and possibly assist others if they are noobs like myself.

    I attempted to germ 3x of my star ryders using the glass of water for 12 hours and then placing on a damp paper towel in my propagator. I didn't have a heat mat so to keep everything warm I placed on my skybox. Which was keeping the temp at a nice steady 80F

    I have some peat pellets as I could not get the Rockwool medium from my local garden centre.

    Now I just need to wait for the seeds to germ and ill post back. I will be updating in real time to my grow. I will post some pics of my setup and the progress of my lil gals as soon as I can.

    Any advice or critique is greatly appreciated as I don't wanna suck at this lol

    My plan is to grow 2x star ryders one in a bubbler bucket and one in a airpot I will be very interested to see how these compare in the long run.

    Thanks for reading and I will update soon!
  2. Day 2:

    2 of the star ryders have lovely taproots I have put these straight into peat pellets which I soaked in warm (not hot) water.

    I will check on them again in about 12 hours the last one has cracked but taproot is still to come hopefully I will be able to put this last one in a peat pellet later on today.

    The temp in the propagator is still a steady 80F there is lots of condensation build up on the inside if the dome. So all is well it appears.

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    Day 2 update:

    I just checked on my seedlings and the last star ryder germed so now that has been planted into the peat pellets.

    The others that went into peat pellets yesterday have already broken through (photo attached). Which i think is pretty speedy considering its only been 2 days since I started.

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  4. Day 4. My stupid fault but my light didn't come on. My seedlings got pretty stretched as they were in complete darkness for around 18 hours while I was out. One of them even fell over due to thin stems. I potted that one if anything I'm hoping the extra soil will support it a little. But I don't know if it will make it yet... Fingers crossed

    With the others stretched seedlings do I just put these a little deeper into the soil mix when I pot them? Or will that damage the stems even more.

    I've decided not to go ahead with the DWC mainly due to the seedlings look done for. so ill try the dwc on next go round I think.

    So plan is transport the remaining star ryders to final pots tomorrow and hope that I've not messed it all up already.


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  5. Day 5.

    Ok sadly the one that flopped over due to stretching was not destined to survive which sucks but luckily I have 3 star ryders left.

    I was going to transport the girls into there final pots today. I have 6l airports but I've been reading and a lot of peeps are saying I should wait a few more days.

    So that's my first question final pots yet or not?

    So the temps in my tent 78f with lights on and 62f with lights off.. I've also been reading the cold temps are too low.

    Soo question time if there are any readers. I'm using Star Ryder autos so they could have 24hour light which would solve my cold issue when lights are off. But again I've read that even though there not light cycle dependant you get bigger yields if you let them sleep for a few hours every day. So I have mine at 20/4 so do I just leave it as is? as the seedlings are growing steadily... Put a small tube heater in to help with the cold (which i would have to go and buy)... Or just change my cycle up to 24 hours what do you think is best?

    Attached image of star Ryder taken on day 5 after sprouting.

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  6. Looking good so far, don't worry about the death... I've killed more than a few myself, shit happens. Don't have any experience with autos myself but it has to be similar in veg.. Personally I do 24/0 until I decide to flower or switch to 20/4 or 16/8 when something doesn't want to preflower when im running non femd.. So I think youll be safe with the 24/0 for atleast a couple of weeks
    also, try putting your journal in your sig and visit here -->**-591.html
    Happy Growing :wave::smoking:
  7. Hey Zod! looking good bro I myself have run my lighting 24/0. without issue you could even run a few clfs 24/0 at this point to save money and keep the heat nice for the plants they are young and dont even need that much light my last Akr was grown under clfs for the first 2 weeks were 24/0. But yes you wanna keep them young girls at least 70 with the lights off. Grab one of them little desk fan-heater combos their like $15.00 low setting on heat during lights out worked wonders for me last run. Sending good karma your way bro. subbed!
  8. They're so cute when they're that young. :)
  9. Looking good so far. I use a 3 gallon pot for veg the transplant to 7 gallon for flower. I heard that with autos it's recommended to go to final container from seedling.
  10. Day 7:

    Yesterday I transported my three little ladies to there final container. I'm using 6l airpots.. Apparently there all the rage right now lol. I got some premixed seedling compost and added perlite to this my self at a ratio of 3:1. Didn't give them that much water as there still really young and the compost was pretty wet out the bag.

    So now there back sunbathing (lucky bitches) I have changed my light cycle to 24 hours to combat the cold maybe in a few weeks I can go back to 20/4.

    My only concern at the moment is I'm not sure if my lights are close enough. Like I said I'm using 400w HPS so they get really hot. They are currently about 400mm above the pots I can barely feel the heat on my hand at that distance. However at 120mm away it's very hot on my hand but not too hot that I have to take my hand away. Has anybody got any experience with the HPS light and distance to pots? I know someone mentioned about cfl's but its just more cost that I can't really afford right now. I plan on upgrading things once I've got my first grow on my belt.

    Oh and thanks to you lot for replying I was beginning to think I was talking to myself haha

    Picture attached is Star Ryder auto 7 day sproutlet.

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  11. If the heat is to hot for you hand then raise the light. You have the lights right where they should be if sounds like.
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    I sprout mine with a 400w MH conversion, about 16 inches away.. they'll stretch no matter what so don't bother trying to prevent by frying them with a sun. You should really look into a MH Conversion bulb, will go right into your HPS ballast, way better for veg, then just switch when you see tits :)
    Also, idk if you mentioned it or not but an air cooled hood is a must.. cant have your girls too close without..
    Smartpots are the shit, again idk if that's what youre talking about.. I run solo cup, #1 smartie then straight into a #5.. roots poke right thru, no shock
  13. Ok thanks I think I'll move them closer I'm about 25in away.

    The lamp I'm using is a duel spectrum 400w HPS the hydro store said that it would be really good for veg and flower.

    No I don't have an air cooled hood but I do have a very cold attic and my supply fan is aimed straight at the light. My temp are around 75-80f when lights are on

    Thanks for the help guys
  14. Day 8

    We got snow and my attic is freezing. I've switched my lights to 24/0. They've taken to the soil nicely. Ill take some photos tomorrow with my DSLR as I have black lines on my iPhone pics.
  15. Day 10:

    The girls have responded nicely (i think) to the light being that little bit closer and the fact its on 24 hours a day for them. I have noticed a fair bit of growth over the last two days. I can see that the next set of leaves will have 3 blades too.

    Ive given them a bit of water as the soil was dry for a few inches in, not too much though as beyond that it was definitely moist, but I'm not sure if the roots reach down that far.

    attached are photos of my three gals.

    #1 this is the youngest of the three this one popped a day later than the other two so its actually only 9 days since sprout

    #2 and #3 are the other two Star Ryders (the photos earlier on in the thread are of #3)

    :smoking: Peace :smoke:

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  16. The curling in the first pic isn't a good sign. Either too much water or soils too hot...
  17. I was kinda hoping that it was because there new leaves and are really small. Maybe my lights are too close now? I don't think it's water as I've barely fed them maybe a quarter of a cup to each of them about two days ago.. Oh man I really hope I can fix this what should I do?
  18. What kind of medium?? I would water the whole container until you get decent runoff.. 25%? then don't give them anything until they're bone dry once again... Doubt it has anything to do with lights.. If they were too close you'd see slow to no growth and bleaching.. What color are they when not under the yellow light? My guess is soils hot
  19. I'm using a potting mix for seedling with added perlite. There already in there final 6l pots which are very big I was so worried about over watering I was not keen in filling untill I had run off due to the size of the pots. The soil is warm the actual temp of my tent 75-80f but the temp at soil level is 95f this is due to the light being close it's about 15inches away from the top of the plants. I'm going to put an oscillating fan in over the top of the plants and try and aim it towards the light and plants to try an cool it down.

    It's odd because the other two are the same age and same strain in the same soil all roughly about the same distance from the light. I am getting steady growth each day there starting to speed up a little. Which is good.

    Today I ordered some adjustable lighting cable hangers so I can adjust the height of the light easier and a 9in clip fan to try and combat the heat under the light.

    The only other thing that I was little concerned about was the humidity my overall humidity in the tent is around 30% but at plant level it's around 19% is it worth me getting a humidifier to raise the humidity a little.

    Thanks in advance.

  20. Well without an air coolable hood I'd move the light to about 20in until they get a bit bigger.. That's why the heat. The fan is a good call.. you can either point it straight up at the light or even better would be directly across it so the air blows the ambient heat between the bulb and pots. Don't worry about over watering, just water until you see runoff and as long as you wait until the soils dry again about 3 inches down (stick your finger in) you should be good.. the third pic looked like a bit of curl also, "seedling mix"?? brand?? most store brands have a bit of nute no matter what....
    No point of a humidifier or anything like that imo.. if you have proper ventilation the air exchange will be too fast for the machine to make any difference.. just K.I.S.S. and youll be good... humidity isn't ideal but youre safe...

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