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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by LAYukon, May 23, 2006.

  1. Hey does anyone have any pics of a zob?> i am in the market for a new bong and haven't got a chance to go out and look yet, but i was hoping to see a pic of a zob.
  2. You'll have a hard time finding a pic of a ZoB on the net. But basically the ZoB is a new series from RooR that has oversized joints and has a LARGE glass on glass fitting at the mouth of the bong so you can slide in a 4 way hooka attachment. They are really cool bongs but not worth the money IMO. You are in LA like me so you probably know about venice. Go to a shop called Smokin Heavin (its the northern most shop), its a 2 story head shop that is fucking huge. They usually have every style of Zob and hook it up fat.

  3. nice rob haha good info .. damn 2 story head shop :drool:
  4. Yea bro, its the sickest shop ever. Alot of famous rappers go there to buy glass like Warren G and even Snoop. They have these amazing custom bongs like 7 feet high that are called fung shways. So incredibly worked with the sickest art, they price in the thousands of $$$. If you frequent the shop they hook it up really fat. When I bought my second RooR they threw in a free inside out spoon. They are also the only distributors that I know of who carry the very very rare JBD mothership bongs.


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