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  1. Hey I'm looking to buy a strait tube for 100-150. On a.l.t. I saw some zobs for around 115 that I was liking. Just wondering about the company. And anything you guys would suggest over it. Thanks
  2. If its straight tubes your looking at, i would suggest hvy or syn. Zob is good in quality, but they dont specialize in straight tubes. Plus their logo is hideous. Hvy glass is very thick and durable, built to last, and looks good. Same with syn, but personally for straight tubes i would highly recommend a hvy. HIGHLY recommend.
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    Hvy/Us Tubes - Straight Tubes
    ZOB - Bubblers
  4. I have a ZOB og I got for $115. Great strait tube with a good perc and nice bowl. I didnt even get an ash catcher with mine. Don't really need it. I got pics in the forums somewhere of mine.
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    That's funny I was just looking at them and i think I'm leaning towards that 9mm :) looks reeeaaal nice for only like 40 or 50 more bucks
  6. Funny enough I've found myself saying the same thing about some SYN pieces. Not that it's hideous, but that the size and placement was obnoxious on an otherwise nice bubbler. Then again with Sour too.

    Sovereignty has a class logo. My own complain with Stone's is that for the longest time I thought it said Sbone. :rolleyes:
  7. I have a ZOB straight tube myslef and I love it.
    I think the label is pretty sick actually, the rectangular one. The quality of the glass is pretty good too.

    Snatch that shit up!
  8. Hvy 14 inch 9mm strait is out of stock..... :(
  9. hers some pics of my zob IMG_1238.jpg

    iphone 4 030.jpg
  10. Here's mine with my ZOB mini 8 arm

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