ZOB vs David Goldstein; feedback and review/videos

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  1. Being one of the few people to own a David Goldstein on the east coast, especially in this particular model, i thought it only appropriate to throw up a video for all you oil heads out there ;) i love this piece and the percolation simply cant be matched by anything i've ever seen. i was lucky enough to have worked with a dude from greece who somehow had one and was willing to let it go, and at a very reasonable price. I also picked up a great ZOB 18in inline beaker which i fell in love with immediately, and put a few milkshots of that in the film as well. id love to hear any and all feedback or personal storys/pieces, so post away :)

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2MWS4I_5U0]David Goldstein vs Zob Inline Beaker Milkshots - YouTube[/ame]
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    One of the few on the east coast to own a DG lol ok man whatever you say. You must have some crazy connections or some shit haha
  3. Nice DG, but ill use that one strictly for flowers. I like my concentrate glass very tiny.

    nevertheless nice glass and toke on brotha.

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    Hahaha, one of the few on the east coast? Damn, I must be one of the other 2! How'd you get your hookup?! Cause I just entered my CC# into aqua lizzle and they shipped it to me.

    But yeah, I love my goldstein.
  5. Lol what I was sayin
  6. Lol thats great. Was in an absolute terrible mood and that cheered me up. "One of a few on the east coast to own one". HAHA. I forgot Aquatic labs only ships to the 25 western states.
  7. I also forgot that the east coast headshops are simply unable to obtain DG not like he shits them out at this point or anything lol
  8. Lol this is one of those threads where the OP will come back and feel mad dumb and let the thread die
  9. to all of u trying to say that this piece isn't rare, go find me another one.. good luck. i didnt get this shit off aquatech because aqua lab doesn't carry it. theres a list of retailers on roosterapparatus.com, it states only aquatech/NVS are allowed to sell DG and they have a very limited selection and are almost always sold out. im not trying to say im the only guy with this shit but what i can say is that ive never met anyone else in my lifetime that owned one and neither have any of the people i know.. which is far far beyond the point.. i love how you all focused on the fact that i mentioned it was rare, and gave zero feedback or attention to how this was supposed to be a positive thread about bros smokin errll.. hope you guys are happy.
  10. No one said you got it from aqua tech, no one said they had that exact DG.

    BUT, you did say you're one of the few people on the east to own a DG. It was a laughable statement... so we all laughed.
  11. Agrees it was both laughable and naive. And that's why I commented. It is very very easy to get a DG is u know shit about the glass game. I can buy atleast ten different ones online atm about another 30 at my lhs in NYC and TONS of shops got em that I've been in.
  12. The reason people commented is becasue literally the first thing you said is your one of the few people out of the hundard million people on the east coast to get a Dave goldstein. They have about 20 dgs on ***, a lot of them now with colored frittes that anyone that's not a child can buy. It just sounded like you were bragging about owning it. It's a great peice, just not as rare as you thought.
  13. shit we sell dg's at the hs i work at in ny, we even got worked mini trash can frits
  14. Do u work in NYC?
  15. Haters man haters... Nice ass glass bro I wish I had some sick shit like that gotta save up some funds I guess. Do you have more than those two?

  16. out on the island

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