ZOB-Real or Fake Identification

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    I've recently been looking into purchasing a ZOB Mini. I found a red label for $320 on AquaLab Technologies, and another white label for $259 on iOffer.
    I've compared photos of the two and the base on the white label from iOffer looks a little narrower in comparison to the red label on AquaLab Technologies. I was just wondering if maybe the one on iOffer is a knockoff, which would make sense why the price is set at only $259 for the 'buy now' option.
    I appreciate your feedback.

  2. Zob is mid-ranged glass, so it wouldn't benefit a counterfeiter to produce a fake one.
    The tube is likely just pre-owned. Go for it.
  3. yeah man nobodys going to waste thier time making fake zobs are you kidding me haha and also IMO aqualab is way over priced your LHS should have great deals on zobs. Zobs like the one in the pic go for at the most 250
  4. its real! they dont make fake Zob's:wave:
  5. Thanks for all the responses, guys. I'm just particular when I'm looking into buying new pieces and it bothered me that the beaker base on the white label looks so narrow. =/
  6. I have seen many fake ZOBs at head shops in NYC.

    Always play it safe, you never know how far some people will go to make a dollar.
  7. Don't listen to everyone here. People get snobby over bongs! Looks OK, not sure how to tell a fake though. Just wanted to chime in on bong makes. I have a Zob and I love it... First bong though. Can't see dropping $600+ on one making sense. $190 for my Zob was high end to me but again, I don't know if buying a crazy expensive one would benefit me. As long as you didn't get a $50 bong you should be good! LOL

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