Zob OG, 6 arm a/c attach to Extreme Q

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  1. Finally got around to trying this today i ran my EQ tube to my 6 arm a/c on my Zob OG stemline
  2. nice job man! I can't wait until I get a vaporizer so I can try to rig it to all my other pieces :D
  3. nice man i saw this last night and i want to try this so bad now
  4. its great. i love the two combined
  5. How well did this work for you?
    Do you use this with the fan on or fan off?
    What temp are you doing this with?
    Are you packing the elbow or the bowl?

    My set up is almost the same
    Extreme Q > whip with 14mm GonG attachment > illadelph upstem a/c > illadelph 18" straight bong.

    What I've found works really good is if you do this set up which takes a bit longer.
    1. Turn on EQ.
    2. Heat up to 350 F.
    3. Elbow pack your elbow piece.
    4. Attach bag to elbow piece.
    5. Fill bag on speed 2.
    6. Attach your filled bag directly to your 14mm GonG attachment.
    7. Put bag with attachment on your bong.
    8. Enjoy vapor through your bong.
  6. ill have to try that myself tmrw... probly be my wake n bake

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