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ZOB Mini 2x8 Arm Perc -- Want GC Opinion!

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Romain, May 17, 2010.

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    Thats a great, sturdy piece, get it.

    Zob Rasta label 8 Trees x2,
    Alex K showerhead downstem
  2. Lux uses 5 arm trees to my knowledge, that would be draggier then the Zob. Zob makes great glass, and they are all made in California. 8 arm trees aren't going to be that draggy at all, 8 arms flow really nice.

    Looks like a fine purchase to me.
  3. OK

    Got 2 Choices

    ZOB listed above for (2 stage, 8 arm perc) $324.00 TOTAL


    a 1 stage, 4-arm perc SYN beaker bottom for $281.00 TOTAL.
  4. I'd be willing to check some places out for ya that I know of.

    just checking price max at what 325 it looks like (correct me if I'm wrong)
    beaker bottom,
    does it have to be a tripple, i'm a huge fan of single chambers over everything, but thats me, lemme know if it matters how many chambers. Do you want a fixed stem or removable downstem?

    lemme know and i'll start looking a little bit for ya.

  5. Not picky really picky about number of stages. Atleast 1 with multi percs. Def. prefer beaker over straight. If it's a straight, I don't mind stemless or removable.

    $350.00 is max with tax, yo! :smoke::wave:
  6. Lux triple's around here go 350, but i guess you want a online source? Go for the ZOB then, unless you want a double, which is much easier to find in your price range. I know where your budget can get you a couple of double tubes, pm if interested...
  7. OK: This is what I would do.
    choices not in order of anything

    1st Choice:
    Everest Worked Double Chamber Beaker Bottom
    Diffused Downstem to worked 10 arm tree perc
    19 inches/ 5mm

    2nd Choice
    HVY Double Chamber Inline - 8
    Inline- 8 arm tree perc
    22 inches/ 5mm

    3rd Choice
    Izta/Kush Clear Single Fixed Stem 8
    Single Chamber 8 arm fixed stem
    19 inches/ 5mm
    4th Choice (prollly my personal number one choice if you were me, currently sold out, but if you try and get in touch and work for it you could prlly find one.)
    Vertigo Glass circ-10
    Circ fixed stem to 10 arm tree perc
    17 inches/5mm
  8. Wow, Thanks for the help ICU!

    On what site did you find those?
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  10. Thanks for that!

    I really like these EVEREST pieces they have. The beakers with the 10 arm single perc. I think would be a great piece. Very minimal lag. But, I've never heard of EVEREST anywhere. Are they based in the US?
  11. they're from Illinois.
  12. Anyone know where to get a coupon? :D
  13. That everest beaker is fuckin siiiick!! and yea they are from IL, i dont own any of their pieces but i have felt and seen them in real life and i can say they are good quality pieces :smoking:
  14. Haha if you ever go to the shop, or Tahoe Kush, they usually hook you up fat since the shop is owned by actual blowers. But they have free shipping so i guess that would be incentive enough, ya? :D

  15. Got DAMN! I sent them an email and not even 10 minutes later I get a coupon for %10 which makes my order $30 cheaper! Fuck yea! Gonna pass on the ZOB now that I found these!
  16. glad i could help out.
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  17. can someone PM me the info to those pieces on the previous page please
  18. My bong is nicer


    Check it out.
  19. Damn that's a steal, maybe i should just stop going there and buy online, i'm looking for a new tube as well, i have been scoping the MGW fire/ice straight for awhile, but i know they have way more stuff in the shop.

    @ Driftingapart, GTFO!

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