ZOB Mini 2x8 Arm Perc -- Want GC Opinion!

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  1. What do you guys think of this ZOB Mini? $300+tax

    Yes I understand the much Love/Hate for ZOB, but name aside, functionality for price -- a good matchup?
  2. looks like a really nice bong but i think if your gonna drop 300 bucks into a piece i'd search around some more

  3. Will be very hard to do. Only 1 nice glass shop around town.

    Wanted to say that I'm not looking for anything "Heady". Don't need any fancy designs or crazy swirls anywhere. Fogged clear glass is perfect for me :smoking::wave:
  4. look online? if not i'd go snatch it up :p

  5. Not finding much on EDIT. Been looking on ALT and not much the same but much better selection (IMO).
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    eh fuck it then. i'd get a new slider though i hate those kinds

    edit - 420th post hahaha
  7. if ur gonna spend the money i wouldnt get a zob. zobs arent quality glass
  8. What is that? 2 sets of 10 trees? How thick?

    I would also say look around some more, if your spendin 300+

    if your interested in a Medicali 5arm bubbler pm me

  9. Will do so def.

    I could get a SB, taller, better made, still 2 perc. but for $160.00 more. My budget is somewhat tight, and I take very good care of my pieces so I think that I will pass on.
  10. 2 sets, 8 arms each. Not sure on thickness. Nothing super heavy (not a fan of heavy pieces). It actually seems light because it isn't that tall.

    Like I said, they have others, but I'm only looking for beakers so that takes a lot off the list. It is either this shop in my town or ALT so I'll continue looking.
  11. Why are you looking for a beaker if you dont mind me asking??

    Id pick a straight tube anyday

  12. Very picky person. Like the feel of it in my lap and the look. Also water doesn't have to be changed as often. I feel straights with flat bottoms would tip over easier than a beaker full of water (given this Mini isn't a full size beak).

    Why do you like straights?
  13. I see what ur saying, beakers def. feel more sturdy, even on carpet...

    But the drag that comes with most of em? Not worth it! A straight tube, once you pull the bowl, that smoke is already in ur lungs

    As for water being changed less? I dont see it, Ive had every kinda binger possible (well almost) and my beaker got dirty too, its called an "ASH" "Catcher" lmao. Joking around...

    With an AC, beaker bottom, and 2 sets of 8trees tho, your lookin at some drag
  14. I just picked up a 19 " Everest beaker with a single ten arm from chicokush, that might be a good place to look for your price range, they've got the same bong I bought without the worked section for 300, if I'm not mistaken.

    I tend to stay away from triple chambers like the Zob you posted, more than one perc is kind of overkill imo.

    I'll have pictures and videos of my piece up later tonight if you're interested in seeing how it smokes.

  15. I def. see what you're saying. The percs housing doesn't bubble out very much either to provide a lot of room for all those percs. Surely with an AC on this it would require a tough lung.

    It's gonna take some time to make a decision. I thoroughly think about everything before making the purchase

  16. Would love to see, Thanks!
  17. I think you should keep checking out ALT, or maybe even make a trip to a well known hs. I'd personally check out LUX for that price range, there pretty nice. I've seen a few double perced beakers.

    I personally think with a ZOB double perc'd beaker, you're going to have some drag. Gotta spend a bit more for no drag with multiple percs. But I think either way it's scientific and I'm sure you'll get ripped off it. :bongin::bongin:
  18. I have a Zob, just regular beaker and I love it. Everything about it seems solid(mind you that I had a biohazard before this one) and standing at 14 inches its heavier then my 28 inch bio. There both 5mms too(or atleast all of the zob is). I think Zobs for the price are a great choice and would recommend them.
  19. Looks fuckin badass to me man! :D

    300 sounds decent to me too. I am not one to be picky when shopping. I see what I want and I buy it. I leave the shopping up to my woman. :)
  20. Sorry bout that post Diamond!

    I'm checking ALT and HG right now and am making a list.

    Anyone know of any coupons for either site?

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