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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by old_iron_lungs, May 20, 2010.

  1. has anyone had any experience while using zippos for bowls/steamrollers/bongs/bubs? Does it taste nasty? Are they any good for using with the herb. I use mine for cigarettes and blunts but ive never used them on pieces.
  2. you cant really use zippos that well since if you put the lighter at an angle the flame is all fucked up

    also it tastes and smells bad
  3. To be honest, I try to avoid lighters all together, you just get that nasty butane taste with every hit, and I remember someone telling me zippo's are even worse than normal lighters. Try and get some hemp wick or beeline, tastes amazing and is really cheap!
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    From my experience Zippos are terrible to use for pieces. Imagine that smell of when you light the zippo going through your marijuana. Just dig through the furniture for a dollar and go get a bic.
  5. makes it taste like theres no bud in the bowl and youre just hitting lighter fumes, pretty gross to me.
  6. The flame could be diffucult to light the bowl with. Honestly I just wouldnt use a zippo to light any kind of pipe.
  7. I am pretty much unable to light with my zippo due to the flame it gives, can't really be angled. And yeah, it does taste like crap.
  8. Some zippos have a hole in the wind guard so when you turn it it can go right through lol, pretty nifty.
    But yeah zippos are gross, anyone know if zippo blues are the same way?
  9. its a small butane torch which you already know (so it will be like a bic except with a torch)
  10. You'd burn up all your weed if you used a butane lighter. But zippo's are nasty to use for smoking out of a piece. Take a whiff of some zippo fluid one time, using a zippo to light a bowl tastes almost exactly like the fluid smells.
  11. They actually make zippo's specifically for pipes. I just found this out about a month ago, one of my friends who doesn't even smoke weed, just smokes tobacco out of a pipe told me about this. It was pretty legit, although I'm just gonna stick with bic. (Totally did not intend for that to rhyme)
  12. You could probably use them to light Joints or Blunts of course but i think it would be much harder to use/corner with a zippo.

  13. Try the search feature, sparky. There's probably three dozen threads on this subject.

  14. Maybe post up some of those thread links, thanks.:wave:

    I personally love using my Zippo all the time. If you let the flame stabilize it won't have any flavor of the lighter fluid. I am able to corner my bowls as well. If I hit it right away after I light it, yeah, nasty crap taste.......:eek:

  15. Maybe try figuring out how to use the search button instead of relying on others to do all the work for you....
  16. Lol, it's a forum, grow up.:wave: Oooooo lots of work there.:D

    I'm not offended by someone starting a new thread, is it against the rules? I wasn't aware that it was. My bad, if it is against the rules.:confused:
  17. Not against the rules. Actually this question is a good topic for an apprentice tokers forum. Everyone saying use the search button has a dick in their ass. Plus, the search button finds me threads that relate to nothing I have searched for.

  18. You can't type zippo in that little search box up there? Seriously?
  19. Okay, here's a link for you:

    It's one of the stickys on the main page at the top, you know, the ones they put up so everyone reads them and knows how the forums work. Since the management asks you repeatedly in various ways to use the fucking search button before posting yet another thread on a subject that's been run into the ground I guess it's not against the rules and you can do whatever the fuck you want.

    Children piss me off.

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