Zippo Pipe Lighters, Anyone Use Them?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Jesse Botwin, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. I love my Mustang Zippo, It's my favorite lighter. Unfortunatly, I can only use it for lighting joints/blunts. Since I hardly use either (Joints being a waste, and blunts costing too much. $2 ea is way too much IMO) I never get a chance to use the zippo. I recently found out the the Zippo Pipe lighter inserts are co-swappable with Zippo regular inserts. I was wondering if anyone else had tried these before? Looking up some videos on youtube, They look fairly easy to use. The "bowl" is sideways and flame comes out of the bottom (aswell as the top) making it simple to light pipes.
    I figured it would make the weed taste a little like lighter fluid, But if done correctly it should effect the taste much. Anyone ever have issues with them?

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    IMO Its not good idea. When you light it, combustion gases going in to the lungs... Since zippo´s use fuel. But if there is a gas -zippo´s, then its a different story.
  3. I have a pipe lighter mainly because It looks cool and was my first zippo. I use them when it's windy outside and for lighting joints mainly. If I can't find one of my bic lighters I always can fill up a zippo and use it. There are torch inserts you can buy to fit in a zippo but I've never tried one.

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