Zippo for blunts/joints?

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  1. Hey guys, i have a zippo lighter and have a question. I use their official fluid, do you guys think its good to use it for lighting my blunts/joints. Or should I just stick with my bic lighter. Thanks in advance? 

  2. This is a fantastic question. When I owned my own home and had my own room for smoking in, I would use my Zippo lighter all the time. As a matter of fact, I happen to own a small Zippo lighter collection that I'm very fond of. Zippos are the bomb.
  3. But do you reccomend a zippo for lighting a joint, over a bic? Like will it taste worse, or will it work fine, 
  4. I've never noticed any difference in taste.
  5. Ill give my zippo a try, on my joint tonight
  6. If you're lighting a joint or blunt (or hemp wick), you shouldn't be able to notice any difference. I know a few people who use them for lighting bowls too, which creates a funky taste if you ask me, but to each their own....
  7. In general Zippo fluid, not their new Blue, butane series, the liquid does taste different than butane, is it vomit inducing? No definitely not. 
  8. Depends how much of it you drink :p
  9. a lotta people hate on lighters cause of the taste it adds to the weed, but i must be too used to it by now because i can't taste anything coming from the lighter. I've never used anything other than a lighter or match to light my weed, and imo a match gives a 1000x worse taste than a lighter. stick with the bic, perfect lighters...
  10. i like using mine for j's and blunts, never ever for a bowl though
  11. people have been using zippo's to light cigarettes for a long time, if there was anything negative compared to a bic, I am sure we would have heard about it by now as they could use it in marketing to attract cig smokers to their brand of lighter. I think you're good to go, but I always found them to be a pain to light bongs so stick to the joints only when using it IMO. 
  12. Fire if fire, you're okay.
  13. When using a match you are supposed to let all the sulfur burn off prior to inhaling. But I agree bic is best
  14. No. You should tie the blunt to a kite string and fly the kite in an electrical storm. Lightning is a natural way to get your blunt lit.
  15. You'll be fine, dude. The reason you're not supposed to use zippos for lighting bowls and bongs, is because they burn at a higher temperature than bic lighters, so they waste weed. But joints and blunts, once they're lit, they just keep burning, so no herb would be wasted.
  16. Yeah as long as its not for bongs or pipes then u wont suck that nasty shit in your mouth..
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    Seriously ? I've never thought of trying that. Should I tie the kite string to an all metal golf club and stand in a puddle ? I want to make certain that I'm doing this the correct way.
  18. You really could use the sun and a magnifying glass that's the best flavor you can have. I've lit joints and blunts with a zippo many times. I'm not fond of the taste of the lighter fluid it leaves behind, if it doesn't bother you keep using it. The worst is when you refill it and go to smoke bowl and lighter fluid pours off your wick into the bud. Good times.
  19. If you really wanna get classy, use a match

    Stay green
  20. Hemp wick or a wood match is the best. Ask any person who smokes cigars the zip po leaves a odd flavor in the cigar so they don't use that a good butane torch is ok because there is not flavor left behind and I think the same with a bic but there is a huge difference with using hemp wick in my opinion I like the hemp wick It give the most natural taste to the flowers.

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