Ziploc Vac Bags Cheap and efficient

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  1. Has anyone used these further than me ? I have used them for bud storage and there awsome, but I'm thinking these would brobably work great for curing. I will set aside like a quad and cure with a quart bag, see how it works. But I just wanted to hip people to them.

    Comparison Review


    Hope some find this helpful and feedback on curing in these is great. Enjoy[​IMG]
  2. wouldnt these bags crush the buds and make them all dense? i would go with good ol' glass jars.
  3. From my experience condensed nug never smoked diffrent? It keeps moisture in air out and allows you to freeze qithout burn or store without freezing. On top of that it allows you to pull weed out and not introduce air every time you open a bag cuz u can pull the air every time. That why nug dries in a jar. Air is allowed in and sits every time you use it.
  4. When you compress it, the trichomes will rupture and start to oxidize, this is one of the reasons why lower quality hash is black.

    It's not going to create any immediate problems, but the oxidation will reduce the potency over time.
  5. Oxidization can't occur if theres no oxygen right ? Or it's slowed with less oxygen right ? So these bags would be more beneficial than jars. Dont jars trap some oxygen in them thus allowing oxidization ? I am not saying this has been tested on my part so both opinions are still theory to me but I WILL give her a try and let you all know the outcome.

    As for the trichs being conpressed and alterd I would like to discuss this further? I know only a little on this. What happens when you press hash ? It darkens but does it actually degrade in petency ?

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