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Discussion in 'General' started by amicold, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Hmmm, the guys in my area seem to not know the importance of proper packaging. People are always wrapping their stuff in cellophane from cigarettes and what not. I see this as a problem of course, anyone know of any stores I could go to locally and purchase baggies from, say 2" x 1 1/2". Craft stores? Such as JoAnns I figured because of the sewing maybe. Thanks in advance I suppose. Hope I'm not violating any rules.
  2. Yeah, craft and some hobby stores sell little bags for things like buttons and stuff.
  3. Everyone around here uses what I think are sandwhich bags... I duno for sure the only thing ive ever been given bud in was these, ziplock bags, mas jar.

    You can get them at target they look like this.

    Older people seem to be found of using the cellophane from cigarette packs, my dad does and all his older friends and his brother did too.

  4. yeah most of the time its just a sandwhich bag. take and put ur bud evenly on the bottom, roll it nicley like a j (provides for a little practice) and lick it in the middle at the top and u have a baggie j that we deal with around here.

    haha i bought an 8th on fri and it was in a ziploc. i was surprised since he never uses ziplocs
  5. i really dont see a problem with putting herb in cigarette celephane or a piece of paper for that matter

    but, i never keep my herb in the baggies anyways due to it goes dry faster, i just use small glass airtight jars to keep it nice and fresh:)
  6. Well, I figured craft or hobby stores would sell them now I'll have to get out to one. The baggies just seem more professional if you ask me. Ebay has an abundance from jewelry wholesalers and what not but since it's a joint Ebay account, I'm sure I'd be questioned.
  7. go to the grocery store and get the ziplock freezer sandwich bags, they have the illest seal, 100%..

    and they weigh 2.8 grams ;) hah
  8. arts and craft stores do sell them, the chain store of michaels arts and crafts in socal sells them

    also, most tobacco stores and headshops sell the baggies, but arts and craft stores are a bit cheaper, normally $1-2 for a hundred baggies or so
  9. i heard bags like that have static electricity which kills the THC so just take whatever the lame ass dealers have and throw that shit in your stash box fast!

  10. doesnt kill it, but if its very crystally bud the crystals tend to stick to the bags a ton losing that thc, but its not gonna just kill thc
  11. Thanks, gonna check it out tomorrow.
  12. hehe, people putting weed in the wrapping for cig boxes. that's so urban/ghetto/21st century... hahai laugh when my friends come to me with bud kept like that..
  13. Me too, it's crazy stuff. They melt the open ends closed.
  14. I get nicks of cheap shit in these really really tiny zip lock backs -- they can barely hold a nic. It's classy. Too bad the bud is awful.
  15. Ive switched over to Glass Jars, and haven't looked back. It's so much better. You guys should try it!
  16. I so agree. I'm giving a mason jar with a wide mouth to my dealer/friend cuz I've got so many of them, lol.

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