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Zip of no name dank + new Illadelph glass

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by aggtastic187, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Im a long time lurker and finally got a good enough reason to post and post some pics while I'm at it. Just went to Kulture in Richmond a couple weeks ago and picked up this 18" Rasta straight tube illadelph. And I had to break her in with a nice zip of some no name heads from my boy.





  2. liking that rasta glass, heads look like what I just blazed this am and should be smoking forever, is yours very stony (Indica):smoke:
  3. I guess those pics aren't worth commenting on so here are some more.



    a Vanilla/Green Game blunt


  4. I want that blunt. your glass looks nice man, i like it.
  5. +rep for your illadelph and the dankity dank :) enjoy both responsibly!!
  6. looks great man, wish i had a higher-end tube like that.
  7. Thanks guys I only wish the illadelph was always that clean.
  8. congrats dude thats a rad bong from a legendary company.i know how it feels to get a new piece of heady glass so feel me when i say you made a great investment.way to go
  9. I like that illadelph alot. I've been trying to cop a nice illy like that for a while. I'm loving the rasta label, I've never seen that before
  10. nice bong! and the bud looks very nice. and we call those double blunts "b-legits"
  11. nice glass and stash! Def. worth the post
  12. nice to finally see someone from richmond in the stash jar
  13. Sick bong.
    What exactly are those red clips called attatched to the downstem?
    My memory forsakes me for the moment.
  14. how much was in that blunt?

    +rep man
  15. you bastard illadelph owners...

  16. Next pay check I'm copping that exact bong.
  17. That's a killer sesh dude, :D
  18. YOYO. I was scared of this pic becuase man you got the same bong as me, and the same exact grinder. I was like wow, im not hatin on you i was like oh man, not to mention i got my illy from kulture too. wait till you put the matching illadelph a/c on it. And nice lookin crop
  19. you're set bro.
  20. Haha thats crazy. The grinder is my friends actually and I wish I could've afforded the ashcatcher. They had the matching one with the tube when it was on display.

    Also my downstem has been getting hydrolocked quite often into the joint and most of the time i can get it loose but at the moment it is very stuck. I know I should probably keep the joint dry and maybe use oil or something in the future but does anyone know how I can get them disconnected?

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