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Zinc deficiency/salt build-up?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by shalom, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Greetings,

    Clones taken from female plant have been set in hydroponic set-up. Showing some signs but can't figure out for sure what it is.

    Strain : unknown
    Sex: all clones are from female mother plant
    Age: Cloned Oct. 10th, set in hydro kit Oct. 21st
    Water pH: Basic tap water @ 6.5
    Temp: Was around 67 (too cold?), recently got it up to about 75 (too warm?)
    Light: 600W MH
    Nutrients: Used 1/2 strength Supernatural GRO AQUA 11-6-16 on Oct. 21st
    Micro Nutes: Supernatural GRO AQUA contains 8% Ca, 2% Mg, 3.6% S, 0.01% B, 0.05% Fe, 0.03 Mn, 0.003% Mo

    I'm leaning towards a basic salt-lockout as I noticed that where the water had splashed on some leaves and then evaporated, it left a bit of white spots everywhere. Notice also the tips of the leaves are slightly brown and crispy and curl upward as well as the lower leaves showing dark spots and contorting and twisting. Just not sure. I need to flush the system and re-apply nutes but if it is the water then I need to know if I should get some purified or distilled.

    Any help is highly appreciated and responded to with +reps!

    Thanks guys,
    .:shalom:. :wave:

    [pics attached]

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  2. looks like ph problems IMO
    i would recommend getting Reverse osmosis water (25cent per gallon places)
    is it possible to get the runoff ph
  3. If youre doing a hydro run you need to get the pH down to 5.8-5.9...6.5 is more suited for soil...do you have digi meter to test your solutions? i would have to agree a definite pH issue...followed by a Mg issue...but you may have more problems than that...can't tell...but the turned up leaves def Mg most likely brought on by the pH lock....test your water and nutes!!!!

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