Zinc deficiency? Nute lockout??? help please

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  1. So this is a hybred Strain i have it growing along with a Trainwreck strain, 18/6 light cycle, local compost mix and have only Gavin one feeding of a very light nute concentrate the rest is pure water. that i used a ph strip and it say's that it is between 6.8-7.2. The new growth leaves are pretty small lookin and very tightly bunched it looks like. I dont know if my peranoid or what. but my Trainwreck plant also started from seed along with these guys looks way more healthy then these guys, and is on the same feeding/light/soil plan.

    Here is some pictures of my biggest J bud plant.

    In comparision this is the trainwreck it is very healthy looking GEDC0484.jpg

    Any advice or help is appreciated alot!!

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  2. is that the runoff pH ?
  3. hrmm no it is not. Should i wait till my next watering to test this?? or should i go and water it again ?
  4. You need to know your run off pH and you need to be trying to keep it inline between 6.3 and 6.8. 6.5 is where most soil growers would tell you to keep it.

    95% of plant problems for new growers are pH related. Bottom line is you need a pH meter (not strips) and you need to keep an eye on the run off pH.
  5. I will nvest in a ph meter tomaroe. How much do they usually cost??? Thank you both for your advice. I just don't understand why my trainwreck would be doing so well but big J not so much.
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    you should be able to find a soil ph meter for around 25 bucks.. try to get a ph meter ..not an "all in wonder" ( light, moisture, ferts, and ph. those you can take care of all by yourself)

    also take care of the probe for it .. if it gets too dinged up..or your do not clean it well your reading will be off.

    and the diffrence in the growth is strain forgivness

    then agaiin you did not specify which hybrid ..it could be from Chernobyl

  7. I hate to disagree with others, but for new soil growers, 95% of the time the problem stems from overwatering or overfertilizing, not Ph. A true zinc deficiency (or any trace element) deficiency is rare, especially in the early stages of a grow. I would flush out your soil, and let it dry for a day or two. Start adding your nutes back at 1/3 strength and gradually work your way up. Also, what kind of lights are you using and how far away are they? If the lights are kept too close for too long, any plant will become short and bushy instead of tall and stout. May be something to think about in your situation.

  8. Texark,

    It might possibly be a over watering issue. i water when the soil is dry 1/2inch below the surface. but that take's every 2-4 day's to occur. i have fed the plants 1 time with nute's. I did whoever have my 1000w hps way to close i think. for about a week it was a foot 1/2 from the top's of the lil plants. But the tempts were down to 75 dagrees and i didnt think it was bad. but it was so i raised the light to 3 1/2 foot. for a week. my train wreck loved that and now i have lowered it to about 2 1/2 feet.

    Also the only ph meter i found at my local hydro store was like 75 bucks =/ ..... So im going to keep looking around.

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