Zill's 4x4 1000w Tent Grow - Purple Urkle, Sour Apple, and Tahoe OG

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    Tent construction is done, we're finally off and growing in our new space! Thanks for checking out the journal, and don't forget to comment! :smoking:

    Equipment Summary:

    Secret Jardin DR150
    Lumatek 1000w Dimmable Ballast
    Magnum XXXL 6" Reflector
    Hortilux 1000w MH and HPS bulbs
    6" ActiveAir 440cfm Inline Fan (Outside Air -> Fan -> Hood -> Attic)
    6" CanFan 248cfm Inline Fan (Inside Tent Air -> Carbon Filter -> Fan -> Attic)
    FFOF Soil
    FF Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, and Big Bloom
    FF Open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz, and Cha-Ching.

    Current Strain List (5-26-10):

    Purple Urkle - 5 Clones
    Sour Apple - 5 Clones
    Tahoe OG - 5 Seeds

    The third strain was supposed to be Tahoe OG or Larry OG. Unfortunately, the cuttings I was supposed to receive were sold accidentally and these strains can be a pain in the ass to find in clone form. I'll be picking up a replacement strain in the next day or two.

    Edit: Finally bit the bullet and just picked up some Tahoe OG seeds today. It's too good not to grow. Looks like the other ladies will get some LST love.

    Grow Update - Veg - Week 1 (5-26-10):

    Full tent shot with 10 of the 15 ladies:


    One of the Sour Apple babies:


    One of the Purple Urkle babies:


    Thanks again for taking a look. Frequent updates to come!
  2. Our 3rd strain has arrived! (In seed form :mad:)


    No other choice. I plan on keeping one mom from each of these strains and this was one of those strains I had to have. I've got 5 seeds germinating right now, let's hope for 5 females!!! :p
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    Some good news, and (potentially) some bad news.

    First, the bad. The Purple Urkle clones I received may have come with an extra dose of PM. Take a look at the picture, base of the leaves, and let me know what you think.


    My humidity runs pretty low, about 35% average during veg, so I'm pretty sure if I can get it taken care of now, it won't become a problem later. Don't think I'll be getting clones from that grower any longer.....

    Now, the good! Despite the PM, the Purple Urkle clones are growing nicely. They're in the back, in the grow bags. These are going to be some nice, fat bushes. I won't be topping or performing any LST on these guys. They veg slow and take a very long time to recover.


    The Sour Apple babies are growing like crazy. Staying as short as a sativa dominant hybrid can I suppose. They received the first round of LST just moments ago!



    That's really it for now. The Tahoe OG seeds have all popped. I threw them into some Happy Frog potting soil earlier today and tucked them away. They'll be going under CFLs for a bit before they join their sisters in the tent.

    Don't forget to comment you lazy stoners! :D:smoking:
  4. I went ahead and did my first neem oil treatment. From what I can tell from the various pictures I looked at, PM it is. I decided it would be better to start treatment now.

    Gave everything a nice wetting down, raised the light, and turned up the fan until things dry off just a bit. Looks like I'll be keeping this up for a few weeks. :(
  5. Another day, another update. Don't be shy, click the quick-reply!! :hello:

    Plants are doing great after the neem oil treatment last night. Will be doing another light treatment tomorrow night. To avoid getting things too oily or possibly burning the delicate clones, I'm doing more frequent sprays at about 1/2 dosage.

    Here is a shot of the Urkle #4. All the ladies are growing nicely, especially #1, she's growing quicker than the rest. I may have found my momma!!!


    The LST treatment on the SA ladies is working better than I expected. Never attempted it before, but it's looking great so far...see for yourself!



    I need to transplant the Sour Apple babies into 3 gallon pots before flower, so I won't be doing any more LST while they are in the 1 gallons. Instead, they'll be topped a couple times to keep them as short as possible.

    And finally, a family portrait!


    The Tahoe OG seedlings are not photo worthy yet...mainly because they're still under the dirt!! Soon....soon.....
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    Hi Zill,

    Nice set up :hello: Just a couple of quick questions. Are you going 24/7 or 18/6 at the moment? Also when are you planning to top them?


  7. Woot first post :smoking:

  8. Thanks for stopping by IBuDZ. :wave:

    I'm running 18/6 right now. Topping is going to be done tonight, tomorrow at the latest. I was just waiting on the main tops to curve back toward light and get a tad of new growth.
  9. In an effort to get your commenting juices flowing, I've decided to post some pictures of my Blue Dream ladies here. These were just taken a few moments ago before lights on.

    Flowered and vegged under a 430w HPS. Grown, I hate to say it, in my bathroom tub! They're 45 days into flower, about 3 weeks left. After a 5 year hiatus, this Blue Dream grow was a "get your feet wet" type of grow. A little nute burn, a little over crowding, some stretching, but all in all, a decent grow so far. I learned when I messed up, that's really all I can ask for. It's on like Donkey Kong with the new 1000w and the tent!

    Thanks to the community of GC for the schooling to get me back in the swing of things. This placed is PACKED with valuable information from long time growers. A real resource, thank you to everyone.

    BUD PORN!!!




  10. You guys are a tough crowd.....good or bad, I'd love to hear it!!!
  11. I really don't mind talking to myself, so I'll just keep the updates rolling! :p

    All 5 Tahoe OG seeds have sprouted above soil. They're hanging out not doing much of anything atm.

    The 5 Sour Apple ladies were all topped. Side growth is taking off....this plant is a really fast grower.

    The Purple Urkles are growing slow and steady. They've been vegging from clone for 10 days now, and they're only 6-7 inches tall. Huge, fat indica leaves, tight spacing, really nice looking plants. The PM hasn't been back since I've started treating. I'm going to keep spraying every other day for another 1 1/2 weeks. From then on it'll be weekly treatment until flower.

    As for flowering, I know I won't be able to flower all three strains at once. The Purple Urkle and Sour Apple will be flowered as soon as the Blue Dream is harvested. Those two strains will stay in the tent under a 1000w HPS. The Tahoe OG will go under the 430 watt HPS to finish vegging. Once the Tahoe OG is done vegging, I'll stick them in the tent with the others to flower it up. Then I'll be picking my next strain, and vegging that while the other three finish flowering. Can anyone say perpetual harvest?

    The Big Blue Dream Bitches got fed for the last time tonight. I'll be flushing them in another 4-5 days. Almost there....
  12. They look great Zill! We have the same space and wattage! Your tent looks so sweet!

    Keep the updates coming, you are not talking to yourself because i will sit here and Ramble On Zeppelin style with you.


    Tell me about LSTing. What is the purpose.

  13. Hey SC, thanks for stopping by and rambling on with me. :smoking::smoking:

    LST (Low Stress Training) is basically a way to train the plan to grow more lateral to increase the amount of top colas. It's usually combined with topping for super bushes. Check out DierWolf's LST Tutorial, it really breaks things down nicely.
  14. More updates for you not to comment on! ;)

    Small update tonight, not feeling so hot.

    Purple Urkles are doing what they do. Here's a little shot of one of the bushy ladies now.


    The Sour Apples are enjoying the LST/Topping they received. Should have started these in their final containers from the get go. Oh well.



    One last shot of 'em all:


    Flowering will start June 18th for the PU and SA. That's the same day the Blue Dream ladies are getting cut down. That'll be day 65 of flowering for them, should be the perfect smoke!

    Enjoy the rest of your night/day GC. I'll be loading up some SFV OG and passing the fuck out. :cool::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  15. looking great! how are you controloing the heat with that 1000?
  16. wow man...10 plants in a 4x4?...i have a 4x4x10 box with a 600w in it....only 4 plants started tho
  17. i like what i see! SHOW ME MORE!
  18. Looking good, Nice setup! What CAN filter are you using the 50?
  19. Looking good Zill, I am looking into the same type of tent, but maybe only a 600w. is it hard keeping the tent cool with the 1000W?
  20. nice grow man. love the cali connections gear. i just started those tahoe ogs too. flowering some sour ogs and vegging some alien ogs. I also have an aliendog V2 pack waiting! I have to resist buying more, but they are all worth it. I can't wait for the blackwater and jamaican ogs!

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