Ziggy Marely, Blunts, Fresno Fair, and a sexy lady

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. That title, summerizes my day pretty good. Im leavin in an hour to go to the Fresno Fair, ride rides all day, smoke blunts all day, chill wit my girl all day, and then at the end fo the day, I get to smoke MORE blunts with her, at the Ziggy Marely Concert :D

    I hope you all have as much fun as I am going to today :D

    PEace GC

    P.S. las night was my ex-highschools homecomming (got expelled) m my homeboy gwon homecomming king and my homegirl won queen. The girl is kinda a popular girl, and so is my boy, but they both HELLA stoners, which was good to see society exepting them :p well, by society I mean all the highschool kids :p Hahaha, my my homeboyt high right before too. Thas how we do.

    Anyways, fuck school, i jus need econ and civics and im done, i've been puttin it off forever. I coulda graduated MONTHS ago :(

    peace, again
  2. dude have fun! why not get some thizzles, pop you a few and get totally smacked for the show?
  3. maybe because it wasnt long ago he OD?
  4. Have fun, man. Sounds like a lot of fun. I could go for a blunt right about now... hmm, oh man its too tempting.
  5. Have phun pha sho smoken =P I'll puff a couple bowls for ya CHEA! guna go on a mission later too, so wish a Toi luck mang.
  6. haha that show would be tight. everyone would be smokin down:smoke:

  7. Reggae and Thizz are opposites, i'd just get really baked. (Says the Reggae purist... :rolleyes:).
  8. ^^Thizz does not discriminate. Good music will be better rolling, no matter what it is in my experience.

    But that sounds like an awesome day.

    I was going to go in to San Francisco to the Bluegrass Festival, but my ride bailed on me so I am stuck at home...bored.
  9. (quick post before bed)

    Today, in short, was a fucking PERFECT day. Smoked a fat blunt before I picked up my beezie, then i took her to the fair. Iight, so we're chilliun n shit, and we go on the ridces n shit. It was good. But there were COPS everywhere. Checkin Tats on "suspected gang members" and even had dogs there! Anyways, after I while, we went to play the Carny games and I fuckin won my girl this HUGE ass fuckins tuffed dogg thang she absolutely HAD to have. So I got big points on them games mayne. Sh hella loved that. THen we went and saw ziggy, smoked some ganja the whole time (ecven wit them police in the crowd.) iight, so I can my girl back to ehgr crib after the concert, and we go out back, checkin them starts in the sky, gettin high, and let's jus say she happly repayed me for today :p

    Then I mob home, but pon the way home I get a call from my homeboy who jus moved out with his homies. We mobeed to his homies crib, lol lots of cribs I know, and this guy had a Vaporizer. i aint ever used one before, but it was a volcano even! Its GREAT! U klove it!

    So im baked, bout to drank on a bottle of malibu, then crash.

    Picked me up some Stunnah shades (these fly man), and a "Stay High" or somethin like that, poster. oh and a scar face poster. haha, ohhh and a Bob marely shit, were he puffin a blunt or somethin.

    Jeeeeze this post is longer than I expected.

    I picked up an ounce from my homeboys homie, so im SET. hga

    i stank of weeeeed.
  10. Zoowoo good to hear u had a sick time smoken. I had a good day and a succesful mission mission my dude. Got a zone of kush and 4 white ladys, dont plan on taking em soon but when i get in that thizz mode i will =] puffing some bowls and watching dog the bounty hunter right now LOL Stay safe dog pha sho. Oh and winning shit at fairs for girls is DOPE as fuck, the ladys love that shit haha u nice.<3
  11. Some kush and white ladies. Thas a bomb ass pickup. THem White Ladies is the best pills I've ever had. They hit hard and got a psychedelic feel to 'em, at least our fresno batch does :p
    Glad your mission was successful bro.

    and hell yeah, she loved that thang so much , it was legit. haha

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