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Zig Zag WRAPS? Why are these things so awesome and why didnt I try them earlier. REVIEW:

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Cheeto Jones, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, Cheeto here.

    Just picked up a couple flavors of "Zig Zag Wraps" :[​IMG]

    I got one pack of the Strawberries, and one pack of Blueberries.  They were a dollar a pack.

    Opening the pack, you notice it's packaged like any cigarillo 2 pack, especially a Swisher Sweet.  Rip open the foil, open the resealable pouch, and inside you find the wraps both wrapped around a plastic straw, and rolled on top of plastic.

    The Strawberry smells like a fucking fruit roll up.  You pull one out and start to unravel it, and you notice the blunt wrap is damp, it is easily shapable and is LOADED with strawberry flavor.

    A neat feature of the wraps is they are easy to tear to perfectly shape and size you blunt.  These seem a little wide for a normal blunt.  If you're rolling something FAT, then this is good for you... but for a .7 - 1 gram tops solo blunt smoker, I always tear off a bit length and width.  It's super easy to tear the width off these things... it tears like it's perforated paper.  To shorten it, I used some scissors though.  It still cut perfectly.

    Rolling these was super simple... but I am a professional blunt smoker.  Seriously... people who are kind of new to weed or who don't really know how to roll will ask me to come smoke with them... smoke me up for free ALL the time just because I roll some awesome blunts.  They look like a cigarillo you'd pull out of a pack... perfectly shaped.

    They smoke well.  The paper is a lot like a Swisher, and I like that kind of paper on a blunt.  Not the thick, weak and dry, viney looking ones... like Games or Dutch Masters.  I'm talking the nice smooth solid paper!

    The flavor is good, but i lost some of the flavor after licking to seal the blunt, and after smoking about half.  It's definitely a distinct flavor, I really am into it.

    These blunt wraps are awesome, how did I not discover them earlier?  I would always ask for wraps at gas stations and they would act weird and assholish to me like I was asking to actually buy weed.  "Wraps?  Psh, we don't sell "WRAPS" here... you'll have to go somewhere else for something like that."

    No joke someone said that... wtf?

    Anyone else smoke these before?
  2. i smoke them everyday i really like them :smoking:
  3. No but I just smoked out of my new chillum, sherlock, and bong, but now these sound better than all of those so I'm going to go hunt for them.

    Bird + Weed + Papers = Good time
  4. Lol I can't believe you really just said those crappy wraps have better paper than games or DMs. Zig zag wraps are complete shit imo
  5. Eh, you're coming across as one of those people who is stuck on one brand and hates on all others.

    I didn't hate on GAMES, I just said I don't like their papers.  Anyone who has ever seen one knows the difference between a game and a swisher... Games are more "leafy", and swishers are really smooth and seem a bit more damp.

    I just said I like the smooth papers better.  And Zig Zag Wraps are complete shit?  Like ALL cigar paper for 1 dollar is the same.  There are differences in some (like the game vs swisher example) but they're all like the same quality.  These papers are IDENTICAL to a Swisher Sweet in their texture, flavor, and smokability.

    The fact is, I smoked Swishers for years and know a Swisher... so I know these are like a Swisher.  And people KNOW Swishers are good... some rappers would swear by them.
  6. #6 SoCalToker, Nov 2, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 2, 2014
    Ugh, blunt wraps that tend to be heavily flavored overpower the taste of weed and just taste weird and artificial.

    I like gutting a Swisher Sweet cigarillo regular (non-flavored), or at the most a grape Swisher cigarillo. Wraps tend to be too large, too preserved, and taste strange, in my opinion of course.

    If you say they're the same taste as a swisher then that's interesting and I look forward to other blades' opinions on the comparison. When I tried blunt wraps, it was back in 2007 when all that were available were those nasty Double Platinum blunt wraps, so maybe these are different? Idk, every blunt smoker I know guts their own Swisher cigarillos, it's part of the ritual! ;)

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