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Zig zag rolling machine

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 240sxjohny, May 21, 2010.

  1. i want to get a zig zag rolling thing but i dont understand the sizes and stuff for example can i use king size papers on a 78mm or 70 mm roller? Or can I use a 1&1/4 paper on a 78 or 70mm roller? Lastr question whats the normal sized paper I should get, and what should i use to roll? thanks

  2. Sorry I don't have an answer but i'm buying one today as well and yeah i'm definitely wondering the same thing.
  3. just use your hands
  4. i bought the wonder box roller thing off GC its like 7 bucks.... seems to be legit haha it hasnt arrived yet, expecting it today or next mon tues
  5. There is no standard for rolling paper width, and therefore it can vary by brand. Generally, however:

    70mm=Single Width
    78-79mm=1.25 or 1.5 size
    100-110mm=Double/King Size (depending on brand)
  6. I saw that, how does the groove in the front help you roll it? Do you just not pick it up off the box and roll it right in the groove?
  7. lol what man, you open the box and you put some weed/tobacco/whatever the fuck into this pocket typed thing, put a paper in, lick, close the box and out comes a cig. I dont have it yet like i said its shipping as i type but...when it comes ill takes some pics of how it works hahahahha
  8. I use a TOP roller. sometimes ive only got papers that are too big so i rip them to size.

  9. Damn you and your signature
  10. I've had the Zig-Zag rolling machine for a couple of months and I love it.

    Rolling Machine + Grinder = Perfect :smoke:
  11. my homey has a reg sized roller and i had king sized no.420 zags and i just cut em to fit the roller, it as easy as that
  12. It was over....and now its back again :[
  13. Fuck rolling machines, that's all.
  14. Zig zag rollers are worth it when your tryin to roll up real quick. I used it on 420 so I could just roll a bunch of doobies fast :smoke:. Heres the website just click on each one it will give you the right paper sizes Zig Zag
  15. i have one and i love it.
  16. i have one too and i love it too.

    got it at the discount cigarette store about 6 years ago. its the same width as a standard paper.

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