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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Krystalizer, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. While lighting up a j with a buddy, who was smoking a cig, I was comparing our smoke sticks, and I realized the only thing that really sticks out as far as external differences is that his cig had a brown colored filter on his (brilliant discovery, yes i know.)

    Now my Zig Zag (well.. really all joint paper, I just use zigs) Idea is what if the paper came with a brown coloring on the mouth end (for me, left side with the glue at the top). Then they would pretty much look like cigs in every respect to the eye.

    with a cig smoker in the vacinity, no one would really be the wiser.

    Does this idea already exist?

    it would take this:

    and turn it more into this: (sorry for the shiiiity drawing)
  2. I like the idea, as long as its just visually different. I would def smoke j's more often if I had some of those.
  3. Oo nice FDA!

    hadnt seen those before. Ima check those out. are they only in UK?

    Thats pretty much exactly what I was envisioning.

  4. yeah... brah... they make em
  5. dont you think if somebody was close enough to see that it has a little brown tip on it they would realize it smells nothing like a cig?
  6. Yeah definitely. Cigarettes have a very distinct smell and so does weed. Anyone who's smoked either in the past year or so will be able to tell which one is burning if they're close enough to smell it.
  7. yeah who cares, just smoke your J
  8. Nope, just google search em, check ur headshop, smoke shop or whatever. Who knows.
  9. spliffs son.... or u could go through the process of making THC tobbaco
  10. I think it's inconspicuous enough already. I mean people roll regular cigs with zig-zags and when people get close they are going to smell the weed anyways.
  11. someone has already invented this lol, ithink there called urban wraps
  12. damn dude, did you just ignore the rest of the posts. the second post in this thread has a picture of them! :rolleyes:
    im just fucking with you bro :hello:
  13. damn those urban wraps are tight, i've been hollowing out my malboros and putting my weed in there. time consuming but not that difficult... just put the cig in your hand and roll it back and forth to loosen the tobacco up and it'll fall right on out. then it's just a matter of picking the weed up and packing it in from the top.

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