zicam cough spray.

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  1. i got two dif kinds.. i got zicam cought max with dextromorphan HBr.. its cool cherry flavor.. and i also got zicam cough spray Mint flavor.. but that one dosnt have dextromorphan in it.. its got some other ingredients.. so will the second still work..
  2. no, it has to have DXM in it to work

  3. Hahah roar man you dexxin again? So am I, pm me again tonight!

    I just had the weirdest thing, I downed the zicam and i tasted it in my head, it was like my tongue was in my head... It was weird..
  4. ya im goin to be doin it tonight.. ha. that is weird.. but if i take taht bottel taht has zincum aceticulm 2x and zincum gluconicum 1x.. will that work its the zicam oral spray..
  5. Na man its gotta have dxm in it, that other shit is probably bad for you.
  6. oh iight.. so will just one zicam be ok.. cuz i guess i got two bad zicams.. but nothin i can do bout it.. ha
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    Yea you'll one zicam nothing amazing though

    EDIT: haha so I just attempted a backflip off a trampoline dunk.

    Landed in a shattered beer bottle, didn't even notice walking around in my house later i notice all these blood footprints look down at my foot i got shards sticking out and im bleeding everywhere but didn't feel a thing, haha thanks dxm
  8. haha dude thats insane.. ha.. but will i tripp of one zicam.. will it be worth it.. i also got sleep pills withs 25 mg of diph..
  9. ya man read my reply in ur other thread u will be fucked ^

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