Zia, go ahead and envy me!

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  1. Because guess who I am meeting next Thursday?


    He's coming to a drum shop nearby and since my boyfriend is a drummer he heard about it and he's going to buy me tickets so we can go and meet him...EEEEEEEE! I'm so excited!

    I'm going to try and get my picture taken with him, and if I do I'll definately post it.
  2. I have neglected this thread! Yikes! :eek:

    Ok, here's what happened:

    We got there right at 7, and there was already a huge crowd upstairs in the drum room. It was so hot up there, and we had nowhere to sit! Turns out Jimmy had the largest crowd for any of the celebrity drum clinics they've ever had :D

    We stood there for about 5 minutes waiting for Jimmy to get there, and I was lucky! He came from the back instead of the front exit, so he walked right by me and touched my shoulder! With his hand! He went to the drum kit in the middle of the room and was telling us about his work with Billy in Zwan...told us stories about how the song evolves from beginning to end..and we got to watch him play some Zwan songs. (that was cool, but you aready know I don't really care for Zwan..he never played any SP songs :( ) But that's ok, because they had Viewphoria playing on the big screen behind him (on mute)...so I just watched that and listened to him talk. After a while it got too hot in there for me, so my boyfriend and I went downstairs to look at the drum kits they had for sale. We could still hear Jimmy anyway. And the other plus side was that I just stood in the autograph line so I'd be first when Jimmy came downstairs. He finally came downstairs and he signed a poster I had of him, and he signed Fred's drum head that he brought along.

    We waited until he was done signing everyone's autographs and then we got our pictures taken with him. He leaned close to me and his head was touching my head! :eek:

    I just got the pictures back on Wednesday, but I have to go to my mom's house to scan them so I can post them. But I will!
  3. They did get rid of that little look at me bass player! She "resigned", but Jimmy said they told her to say that...they kicked her out!

  4. LOL, I have no idea what she's doing now..I haven't cared enough to look up on it :p
  5. Paz should have stayed with APC. lol.
  6. Finally got the only good one...bit too late, perhaps.

    This is me and Jimmy Chamberlain.

    Check it out...he's leaning towards me!

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